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Backend Java Entwickler (all genders)

IT Projektmanager (all genders) – Vehicle Logistics

Senior Berater Datenstrategie (all genders)

Senior Berater Datenstrategie mit Schwerpunkt Datenkultur (all genders)

DevOps Engineer (all genders)

(Junior) Customer Success Manager (all genders)

Systemadministrator (all genders)

System Architect - Cloud Transformation (all genders)

Information Security Manager (all genders)

(Senior) Frontend Web Developer (all genders)

Senior Fullstack Developer (all genders) – im KI Bereich

Netzwerkadministrator CISCO (all genders)

Senior HR Business Partner (all genders)

Account Executive (all genders)

Vertriebsmanager (all genders)

Backend Java Developer (all genders)

Lead Developer Java (all genders)

Data Engineer AI (all genders)

Werkstudent IT-Qualitätssicherung (all genders)

Master thesis with a focus on Operations Research - Terminals and Distribution Centers

Masterarbeit im Bereich Terminals and Distribution Centers mit Fokus auf Operations Research (all genders)

IT Consultant (all genders) - Cloud Operations

IT Consultant - Aviation (all genders)

Software Consultant - Aviation (all genders)

(Junior) IT Consultant (all genders) - Workforce Management

Junior IT Projektmanager (all genders)

Anlagenmechaniker - Heizungstechnik und Klimatechnik (all genders)

IT Berater / IT Consultant (all genders) – Risk and Fraud

(Junior) Corporate Communications Manager (all genders) – Fokus PR und Content

Ausbildung Kaufleute für Büromanagement (all genders)

Buchhalter / Sachbearbeiter (all genders) – Operative Buchhaltung (auch in TZ - min. 30 h/W)

Fachinformatiker Systemintegration (all genders) - Risk and Fraud

(Senior) DevOps Engineer (all genders)

(Junior) IT Consultant (all genders)

KI-Softwareentwickler (all genders)

Inside Sales – Back Office (all genders; TZ möglich min. 20h/Woche)

Web Developer (all genders)

MATSE – Mathematisch-technischer Softwareentwickler (all genders)

Ausbildung Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration (all genders)

(Junior) Sales Specialist (all genders)

Business Strategy Manager - IT Security (all genders)

Design Thinking Strategist / UX Strategist (all genders)

Coach / Change Manager - Organisationsentwicklung

Marketing Specialist (all genders)

Project Lead Developer (all genders)

Project Lead Developer (all genders)

Cloud Entwickler - Backend (all genders)

AI Developer (all genders)

Softwareentwickler Frontend – Mobile App (all genders)

JavaScript / TypeScript Softwareentwickler – Webentwicklung (all genders)

(Senior) Web Developer / Webentwickler - Aviation (all genders)

Lead Developer UX / UI (all genders)

Sales Manager (all genders)

Sales Manager (all genders)

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