Aviation Awareness, Punctuality and Efficiency in Airport Ground Operations

Solving complex situations with intelligent software

Airlines expect ground handlers to keep ground times of aircraft as low as possible to prevent long downtimes and delays. The desired benefit is to have the right staffing at the right time doing the right activity resulting in increased efficiencies.

The challenge lies in dealing with the many uncertainties such as weather, punctuality, slot allocation, delayed passengers or technical defects: None of these factors can be planned, but each has a huge impact on the entire handling process.

Experienced dispatchers worldwide are working with intelligent software by INFORM. This way, resources are best deployed, costs are reduced and operational processes are planned efficiently. 


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Sandra Gaviria
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GS Planning Staff and Equipment
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GS WorkforcePlus
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GS Planning Stands and Terminal
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GS Connect
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GS TurnManager
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Simple versus intelligent optimization
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Optimization for all your processes

GROUNDSTAR ACADEMY INFORM's new knowledge management hub


Knowledge transfer is essential for every project’s success. We at INFORM support our customers with continuous training during and after the software implementation phase. This enables them to gain the most from our optimization solutions for ground operations. To provide GroundStar users with the best learning experience, we created the GroundStar Academy.

With the GroundStar Academy, INFORM offers a variety of e-learning courses to support knowledge transfer on our entire GroundStar software suite. This content is available from anywhere, at any time, which allows users to stay always up to date.

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GroundStar Demo Clips

GroundStar is the most comprehensive software suite currently on the market that supports and optimizes the resource management processes of airlines, airports and ground handlers.

Our demo clips provide a glimpse into the functional capabilities of the GroundStar modules based on several specific use-cases.

To request access to our demo clip please visit here:

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In our online-game GroundStar it is your turn to manage some of this processes and to become the GroundStar-Hero in our Ranking! – The game calls for a good managerial eye and tactical skills. Try to manage all the processes in time in order to get a good score.


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