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The air cargo industry a is key player for global trade. Economies worldwide depend on its ability to deliver time-critical freight to millions of customers. To reach their destination on time, pinpoint accuracy is needed during the execution of ground handling processes. INFORM’s Cargo software solution supports companies in improving their turnaround times. Through elaborated algorithms, tasks and tours can be easily prioritized for an optimal utilization of resources. Allocation plans are updated in real-time, facilitating compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).


INFORM’s cargo software solution provides a user-centric decision platform for optimizing driver assignment and tour building. Based on predefined rules such as urgency and type of cargo product, the system assigns a priority level for each task. Optimized pick-up times and dolly train movements ensure a maximum utilization of vehicles and drivers. As result, the most important cargo is always processed with priority and on time.

Triggered by telematics, the system displays the progress of each tour. Actual waiting times at security checkpoints are easily calculated using the location-based information gathered. The elaborated algorithms then forecast all waiting times for upcoming tasks automatically. This provides enough flexibility to adjust allocation plans as air cargo traffic changes. If exceptions have to be managed, the advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) highlights those situations that require attention, increasing operational awareness.


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  • Intuitive Tour Visualization

    Facilitates access to most frequently required information such as driver allocation and task progress.

  • Automatic Tour Progress Indicator

    Provides tour status information available in real-time thanks to mobility or telematics.

  • Cost-efficient ULDs prioritization

    The most important containers are assigned a "high score". Even if few drivers are available, this prioritization ensures that the most important goods are handled on time.

  • Minimized Travel Time

    Employees know what type of cargo is arriving on the plane and can plan how to best distribute it to the dolly trains.

  • Automatic Waiting Times Calculation

    The system can automatically forecast waiting times for upcoming tasks based on measurements of actual waiting times at control posts.

  • Easy adaptation of processes to new Cargo in Cabin (CIC) regulations

    The system applies matching SLA for CIC automatically.


  • Cost-efficient capacity utilization through optimized tours

  • Automatic tour planning and task assignment within predefined risk levels

  • Prioritized SLA compliance for high value products

  • Quicker implementation of new processes and regulations

  • Increased driver and dispatcher productivity

  • Reduction of unproductive trips

  • Optimization decisions transparent to dispatchers

  • Optimized resourcing suggestions to manage exceptions


GroundStar is the most comprehensive software suite currently on the market that supports and optimizes the resource management processes of airlines, airports and ground handlers.

Our demo clips provide a glimpse into the functional capabilities of the GroundStar modules based on several specific use-cases.

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