The digitization of logistics and resource management drives the requirements and the possibilities of collecting, processing, and evaluating the generated data. GroundStar Business Intelligence System supports our customers by adding value using their data with tools and services covering data integration, effective visualization of data, and the forecasting of critical situations. In turn, a foundation for data-driven operational and strategical decision-making is created. This powerful and transparent system integrates seamlessly with other GroundStar modules as well as with an existing IT landscape.


The quality of a flight plan is measured, among other things, by its feasibility when taking into account all available resources. If and to what extent this has actually happened can only be determined in hindsight. Special reporting and analysis tools are helpful in this regard, which provide the management with valuable insights into the specific areas of their business activities. In a comprehensive visualization, they provide key KPIs such as overall performance and improvement potential. Therefore, they are an important guideline for future decisions.


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GS BIS Optimal Reporting of Key Performance Indicators

GroundStar Business Intelligence System (BIS) comprises tools that address analytics use cases in all phases supported by GroundStar. This includes reporting on operational and historical data, online dashboards with drill-down capability, and data exploration in management cockpits.

GS BIS is the perfect complement for our modules:

  • GS Planning
  • GS WorkforcePlus
  • GS Real Time
  • GS GroundFleet
  • GS Connect
  • GS TurnManager


  • Dashboards

    Online evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI) and details on demand to stay on top of the operations. Live overview of the on-time performance of all activities, including past measures and projections.

  • Reporting

    Creation and distribution of pixel-perfect reports to key personnel.

  • Data Exploration

    Discovery of hidden relations, providing the flexibility to gain ad-hoc insight into data via an associative data management and an in-memory engine.


  • Data Integration

    Extraction, Transformation, and Loading of data with the focus on information enrichment and integration in data structures like data warehouses.


  • Create and provide access to content via a centralized web portal

  • Schedule and automatically distribute reports via e-mail and file upload

  • Implement information displays for your staff and for the public

  • Maintain situational awareness at any point in time

  • Gain insight into your historical data to identify trends and to make forecasts

  • Create a strong basis for long-term analyses


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