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While times are difficult for the moment, we are planning the future. One day we will start to get back to business step-by-step. Planning is your key to success. The challenges, conditions, phases, and stages are vastly different for everyone. To cater for this, we have enhanced your GroundStar Planning what-if set-ups with additional options for crisis-recovery-scenarios and according reports/KPIs.
You can quickly assess the impact of:

Flight schedule variations
Fluctuations in load figures
Adapted handling processes (e.g. boarding) due to new regulations
Merging of departments or handling areas
Adapted shift times and -durations

We care about your ground handling and decided to offer free individual support.
You will have the chance to discuss your specific questions beyond standard Q&A sessions.

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GS Planning can be used in several different ways during the re-entry of flight operations.

We provide extensions of GS Planning customer setups that support the assignment of recovery levels to flights, for exploitation in the respective what-if scenarios. These extensions are provided free of charge to users of GS Planning.

As part of these recovery features, demand profiles resulting from the different recovery levels can be visualized as stacked curves. Furthermore, demands can be reported specifically by the recovery level both in overview (pivot) and profile reports. If any of the scenarios is supposed to become the basis for operational planning, results can be transferred to GS Rostering or GS WorkforcePlus.

Planning Different Scenarios

Assuming Different Scenarios Upscaling Phases: Smart Planning

GS Planning supports to working with different scenarios, which in turn depend on a variety of factors. A possible scenario includes, for example: Domestic flights start before international flights. International flights start before continental flights. Business guests are more likely to book flights than tourists. Certain routes are more likely to be operable than others. The chosen scenario will, however, undergo permanent updating and re-evaluation of different re-implementation stages and phases.

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GS Planning Demand Calculation

GS Planning Demand Calculation

GS Planning offers demand calculation according to the defined recovery phases.

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  • Optimized Infrastructure Usage

    Build an optimized stand and terminal resource plan based on a comprehensive set of hard and soft rules with user defined optimization goals. Import the flight schedule in various formats (e.g., SSIM) and enrich it with default values and join flights automatically.

  • Scenario Capability

    Plan for future construction, assess the impact of changes to flight schedules or evaluate different optimization strategies with scenarios/what-if analyses.

  • Evaluate and Share the Plan

    Assess KPIs of the resource plan through pre-defined or customizable reports, share it with all stakeholders via Excel or PDF export and publish the result to GS RealTime Stands & Terminal as a master plan.

  • Workload Planning

    Flight data and SLA-based workload calculation for staff and GSE using rule-based defaults for flight linkage, passenger & baggage figures. GS Planning provides smart workload curve analysis and export options.

  • Shift Demand Planning

    Optimized rule-based shift planning, including optimized workload coverage with shifts, roster lines or shift patterns, supporting curve-based and task-based shift planning approach.


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