To ensure a smooth daily ground operation, a virtually endless number of processes needs to be coordinated in parallel, which are often interdependent. Unpredictable and costly disruptions, irregularities and delays are part of the daily business and must be resolved within seconds. Ideally, they are managed proactively, as any disruption in a single process may immediately cause delays in multiple other processes.



In the phase of daily operation it is important to coordinate all supporting processes around the flight smoothly and precisely. Failures and disruptions must be avoided or compensated as far as possible. In order to achieve this, the available resources must be transparent and flexible – be it staff, mobile or immobile resources. This applies in particular when considering constant and unpredictable disruptions in flight operations. A real-time overview and quick intervention options supported by decision-making support systems are essential.


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GS RealTime<br>Staff + Equipment

GS RealTime Staff & Equipment Increased Efficiency through Management by Exception

GS RealTime Staff & Equipment offers users the tools they need to manage their ground handling staff and ground service equipment (GSE) on the day of operation. All tasks can be controlled seamlessly even as flight irregularities challenge the completion of the tasks within their SLAs.

Based on real-time data, dependency information and planned activities, bottlenecks can be predicted reliably and managed proactively.


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myStaff Operational Flow on the Go

The handling activities in the terminal and on the apron have to ensure the timely departure of the aircraft. To execute these tasks on time, Frontline Managers must ensure that the right staff is on hand at the right place. Traditional methods to stay informed about staff assignments and communicate with dispatchers are cumbersome and time consuming.

With the myStaff app, managers can easily identify manpower shortages and request additional employees just using their handhelds. This feedback is displayed directly on the dispatcher´s screen, facilitating accurate problem resolution. myStaff works as an integration of GS RealTime Staff & Equipment.

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GS RealTime<br>Stands + Terminal

GS RealTime Stands & Terminal Optimized Operational Flight Schedule

GS RealTime Stands & Terminal handles the real-time allocation and monitoring of aircraft stands and terminal resources, such as check-in counters, baggage belts and passenger gates, on the day of operation.


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GS GroundFleet

GS GroundFleet Real-Time Monitoring of Ground Support Equipment

GS GroundFleet can be understood as the bridge between “classical” fleet management solutions and other operational systems of the GroundStar suite like GS RealTime Staff & Equipment or GS TurnManager. The focus is on visualization and processing of telematic information, to make it accessible for INFORMs operational GroundStar products.

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GS TurnManager

GS TurnManager Process Irregularities At A Glance

GS TurnManager provides transparency of the entire aircraft turnaround process. All important activities, milestones, transfer connections for passenger, baggage and crew, as well as their dependencies can be monitored and controlled in real-time.


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GS Connect

GS Connect Proactively Identify Critical Connections

GS Connect assists the user to monitor and manage the overall passenger and baggage connection process. Gate changes are automatically evaluated to reduce transfer
distances and save passenger connections. GS Connect analyzes and suggests cost-optimized rebooking options as well.


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Mobile Solution

Mobile Solution

Apps for phones and tablets are tailor-made to support the various handling business processes providing exactly the required information to perform a task and to feed back the status information and requests to the dispatcher.

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AirportMap Increased Situational Awareness

Monitoring and tracking of motorized and non-motorized ground support equipment (GSE), visualization of the GSE location and status on AirportMap. Multi-level geofencing allows more precise localization of GSE on the apron and automated status progress of ground handling processes.

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  • Management by Exception

    Handling activities based on latest flight data are continually assigned by an optimizer. By highlighting required actions to the dispatchers, they can focus on managing the exceptions.

  • Operational Awareness

    Real-time insights into the current situation are provided for the different roles in the operation such as agents, dispatchers and operational managers allowing for effective collaborative decision making.

  • Mobile Communication

    Apps for phones and tablets are tailor-made to support the various handling business processes providing exactly the required information to perform a task and to feed back the status information and requests to the dispatcher.

  • Master Plan Alignment

    Optimized alignment of the operation with the resource master plan published from GS Planning Stands & Terminal and monitoring of flight schedule changes. Invalid assignments and constraints are permanently identified and evaluated to account for delays, aircraft swaps and other irregularities.

  • Minimization of Delays

    Identify irregularities and their impact on punctuality and provide reliable delay predictions and asses their cost impact in order to improve the overall on-time performance and reduce delay costs.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Automatic conflict resolution and optimized assignments within the operational time window, decision support for manual reassignments and problem resolution, management of temporary restrictions by fully or partially closed stands or terminal resources.

  • Publishing to FIDS

    Publishing of allocation changes to other stakeholders and systems (e.g. to FIDS).


  • Reliable on-time performance by ensuring all time-critical tasks

  • Quality assurance and enforcement of service level conditions

  • Real-time visibility of irregularities

  • Cost savings through optimized allocation of tasks

  • Maximum utilization of high revenue related resources

  • Minimization of disruption impact

  • Increased passenger satisfaction


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