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The conduct of a successful passenger service often requires a significant number of employees with different skills and skill profiles. Constant changes of the flight schedule and passenger booking figures require continuous rescheduling of handling activities. The increasing trend towards self-service and congested terminals places the regular planning and scheduling of business processes to the forefront. INFORM's powerful optimization methods enable a cost-effective solution resulting in a high customer satisfaction.


GroundStar provides a real-time scheduling system for employees, geared towards the specific needs of passenger handling at service points such as check-in, transfer desks, lounges and boarding. The integration of existing airport and airline systems (FIS, AODB, SITA, etc.) as well as the representation of all relevant critical success factors, such as passenger figures or maximum waiting times at check-in counters, ensure the precise management of individual processes for passenger handling. The dispatchers are optimally supported by powerful optimization processes taking into account factors such as travel time, required skills and cross utilization between different staff pools. On the communication side, all data relevant to an assignment is automatically and continuously updated and received by the employees via mobile devices. They can record their work progress online and, if applicable, report any modifications or disruptions. This enables a complete verification for the purposes of evaluation, billing and complaints management.


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All processes related to planning, controlling and monitoring of employee activities are supported based on the system's powerful optimization methods. Business processes can be accurately represented and adapted to future changes.


    Regularly updated data provide dispatchers with real-time information on the current status of staff scheduling and passenger handling.


    GroundStar determines and continuously updates the activities to be carried out. The foundation is an accurate rule-based specification of the tasks to be performed and the demands on the skills of the employees.


    The system supports decisions about employee scheduling in the conflicting goals between cost-effective service and high-quality service. Through the use of the system, the dispatchers' areas of competence and responsibility can be increased, so that a dispatcher can also plan and control larger groups of employees.


    All data relevant to an assignment are automatically and continuously updated and received by the employee. They record the work progress online and, if applicable, report any modifications or disruptions.


    All relevant process times are recorded. This enables a complete verification for the purposes of evaluation, quality assurance and complaints management.


    GroundStar collects, processes and stores all relevant data (e.g. booking figures) and makes them available to users and third-party systems. Its module for data analysis and visualization with subjects such as reporting, dashboards and ETL/warehousing addresses both operational and analytical application scenarios.


GroundStar ensures a highly efficient distribution and management of human capacity which is necessary to fulfill contractual obligations of airline customers. The representation of all typical business processes of the passenger check-in system contributes to an optimized staff deployment. 

  • Targeted support in scheduling decisions

  • Optimized staff utilization

  • Improved communication

  • Increased service quality

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Control over compliance with contractual obligations

GroundStar Demo Clips

GroundStar is the most comprehensive software suite currently on the market that supports and optimizes the resource management processes of airlines, airports and ground handlers.

Our demo clips provide a glimpse into the functional capabilities of the GroundStar modules based on several specific use-cases.

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