The performance of an airline - based on factors such as punctuality, reliability and service - essentially depends on a good plan of the relevant turnaround processes in advance. The flights must not only be viable, but the plan also needs to be robust. At the same time, planning must make the best possible use of all existing resources in order to save costs.


Ground operations mean coordinating a virtually endless number of processes. Disruptions are part of the daily business. Unpredictable external changes and operational irregularities often need to be resolved within seconds. Any disruption in a single process may immediately cause delays in multiple other processes. Some may call this complexity beyond control. We don‘t. We know it is your daily business.

We understand planning as a demand calculation and optimized demand coverage for stands & terminal, staff & equipment.


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GS Planning Staff + Equipment

GS Planning Staff & Equipment Workload and Shift Demand Smart Planning

GS Planning Staff & Equipment supports the company’s strategic, tactical and operative needs. Powerful optimization algorithms support the planner in creating optimal personnel shift demands and ground service equipment requirements automatically.


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GS Planning Stands + Terminal

GS Planning Stands & Terminal Optimized Infrastructure Usage

GS Planning Stands & Terminal allows for automated long-, medium- and short-term planning of aircraft stands and terminal resources, such as check-in counters, baggage belts and passenger gates.


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  • Optimized Infrastructure Usage

    Build an optimized stand and terminal resource plan based on a comprehensive set of hard and soft rules with user defined optimization goals. Import the flight schedule in various formats (e.g., SSIM) and enrich it with default values and join flights automatically.

  • Scenario Capability

    Plan for future construction, assess the impact of changes to flight schedules or evaluate different optimization strategies with scenarios/what-if analyses.

  • Evaluate and Share the Plan

    Assess KPIs of the resource plan through pre-defined or customizable reports, share it with all stakeholders via Excel or PDF export and publish the result to GS RealTime Stands & Terminal as a master plan.

  • Workload Planning

    Flight data and SLA-based workload calculation for staff and GSE using rule-based defaults for flight linkage, passenger & baggage figures. GS Planning provides smart workload curve analysis and export options.

  • Shift Demand Planning

    Optimized rule-based shift planning, including optimized workload coverage with shifts, roster lines or shift patterns, supporting curve-based and task-based shift planning approach.


  • Assurance through SLA based planning

  • Maximize resource revenues

  • Optimal balance of airport, airline and passenger demands

  • Assurance of preferences, service times and safety

  • Reduce capacity-related delays

  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring operational coverage


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