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INFORM offers solutions for the optimum control of all processes relevant to ramp handling. Included are the monitoring of ramp handling, aircraft loading, baggage handling and baggage transport, aircraft movements, aircraft services and ground transportation. Due to excellent optimization methods both cost-effective processes and high customer satisfaction are achieved.


Aviation starts on the ground, thus making ramp handling such an important task. INFORM's solution covers all services that are incurred during the ground time of an aircraft and are required for successful aircraft handling. These services include timely and efficient

  • Turnaround Supervision
  • Aircraft Loading
  • Baggage Handling & Transportation
  • Aircraft Movements (Towing & Pushback)
  • Aircraft Services 
  • Ground Transportation.

By using the solution, ramp handling is optimized by a real-time scheduling system, geared towards the specific needs of each operation. Integration with existing airport and airline systems (FIS, AODB, SITA, etc.) as well as the consideration of all relevant factors such as airline, aircraft stand, load figures, planned tows and SLAs ensure the precise management of staff and equipment. The dispatchers are optimally supported by world-class optimization processes taking into account factors such as travel time, specific qualifications, teaming and fairness criteria. All information relevant for an orderly allocation of data is automatically and continuously updated and displayed to the employees on their tablets or smartphones. Employees record their work progress online and report any necessary changes or disturbances. In addition, time stamps of the corresponding prior activities can be recorded and forwarded to hub management systems.


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Solution GroundStar Features

The system supports all relevant processes for planning, managing and controlling the necessary staff activities in order to achieve the desired service level. Powerful optimization methods respect the conflicting goals between cost-efficient processing and high customer satisfaction.


    The dispatcher is informed in real time, based on continuously updated data, about the current status of staff scheduling.


    The solution determines and continuously updates the activities to be carried out. The foundation is an accurate rule-based specification of the tasks to be performed and the demands on the skills of the employees.


    based on a decision support in staff scheduling.


    All job-related activities will be transmitted in real time to the employees via tablets and smartphones.


    Recording of all relevant process steps for the purpose of evaluation, billing and complaint management.


    GroundStar collects, processes and stores all relevant data and makes them available to users and third-party systems. Its module for data analysis and visualization with subjects such as Reporting, Dashboards and ETL/Warehousing addresses both operational and analytical application scenarios.


GroundStar delivers optimal distribution and management of staff capacity in order to fulfil the contractual obligations to airline customers. As a result, an optimized deployment of personnel is achieved which is supplemented by numerous benefits.

  • Management by Exception

  • Improved resource utilization

  • Improved communication

  • Efficient planning process

  • Increased quality of service

  • Control over compliance


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