We want to help organizations to overcome the specific challenges of the current crisis. This is why we have developed solutions designed to help you in these special times quickly and with minimal red tape.

COVID-19 may have taken us by surprise, but companies are not left helpless in the face of the virus. But are the required protective measures or short-time work also throwing your planning out of balance? INFORM has the technology and expertise to respond quickly and specifically to unforeseen disruptions using Digital Decision Making. Find out how employees in your company can now work safely and in accordance with data protection regulations.


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Employees must keep their distance. Companies, on the other hand, are obliged to meet all the requirements for occupational health and safety and infection prevention. But what happens if an infection does occur? How can you reliably track who has been in close contact with whom while complying with data protection laws? This is where “CoronaTracers” come in. These are small, portable devices that anonymously record contact between employees by measuring their proximity to one another – but only during working hours. If an employee becomes infected, the required data can be read out from the zero-maintenance devices so that appropriate action can be taken and rosters updated.

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With production in many sectors of the economy restarting, occupational health and safety and working time management are perhaps matters of greater urgency than ever before. Accordingly, companies must proceed with caution and implement health and safety requirements. Digital solutions make this much easier – by recording team structures and tracking quarantine measures. This is carried out as part of modern staff scheduling, adapted to the current conditions.

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In order to inform employees week after week about their current rosters and shift schedules, companies must first be able to get hold of them. When it comes to implementing this, however, communication turns out to be more challenging than expected, because industrial employees usually have neither a company e-mail account nor remote access to the company’s Intranet. If you do not want to call hundreds or thousands of employees individually, you need digital communication solutions beyond WhatsApp and the like that provide information about upcoming work schedules. Combined with the right planning tools, staff scheduling can be managed successfully even in highly volatile environments. For example, INFORM currently supports Stuttgart Airport and SAG Stuttgart Airport Ground Handling GmbH in communicating rosters to their employees using a mobile application.

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned our working environment and our day-to-day lives completely upside down. Flexible working practices are no longer an option; they have become a necessity. Right now, companies must deploy their staff as best they can. They need to have the right people at the right place, at the right time, while protecting their workers to the best of their ability. Thanks to our intelligent decision algorithms, we can help you with this. We will find the schedule that fits your current work situation quickly, easily, and pragmatically – our free emergency assistance for you.

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Aviation Expert Talks – New Free Service For Our Clients

As the aviation industry deals with the covid-19 crisis, we expect that air travel will recover in several phases. To smoothly get back to business, planning becomes crucial. Since we want to help organizations in this effort, we offer you free individual support. Our planning experts are looking forward to discussing your strategy or clarifying some specific questions.

Are you wondering how our GroundStar Planning can be used for re-entering flight operations? We have developed new features for this powerful tool to provide an optimal analysis of crisis-recovery-scenarios.

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Fraud Prevention

Emergency funding should not land in the hands of fraudsters. Unfortunately, we see an uptick in fraud and financial crime in times of crisis. German State and Development Banks, for example, have been hit by fraudsters who have now taken advantage of the coronavirus emergency funds that were supposed to be helping freelancers and small businesses. This is, however, not a localized problem. Banks across the globe, both private and public, are facing an unprecedented challenge with the influx of emergency loan applications.

Technology-based methods for early detection of fraud cases are necessary. Find out how we can help with RiskShield:

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Heavy Delivery Traffic and Protection from Infection

Truck deliveries can lead to congestion inside and outside of the plant. Truck drivers get out of their cabs to show transport documents, get instructions, and talk to other drivers. In this way, everyday contacts with people that travel for long distances increase.

An intelligent Time Slot Management System can spread inbound delivery traffic over the day and avoid congestion. The driver can use an app-enabled self-check-in for registration and exit-procedures without getting out of their truck. Solutions such as this can be implemented without installing new terminals or camera devices.

Using systems like these, you can increase protection from infection and better manage inbound deliveries at the same time.

Consult our experts if a Self Check-in would be appropriate for your site.

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Keeping Distance in Internal Logistics

Logistics need to deliver flexible solutions in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Companies have to ensure that the risk of infection is minimized, and health and safety requirements are met. Processes in internal logistics should be reassessed to reduce or avoid potential risks of contagion.

Intelligent Transport Control Systems can help to organize workers and vehicles in work zones. Transports can be managed so that certain vehicles keep to their zones and are not working on different factory floors. Transports are assigned and carried out digitally, which further minimizes person-to-person contacts.

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Sales Management of New Cars – Talk to Experts

Automobile importers, automobile manufacturers, automobile dealers or transport companies must master the new economic and logistical challenges of the Corona pandemic. Business processes have to be restored and, in some areas new paths have to be taken.

In order to control vehicle sales and to plan processes in the supply chain, the basis is knowledge of the daily number of cars, at which location of the organization how many new cars are available and how many will be needed in the future.

INFORM has developed a specialized platform to support the logistics processes in the network of new vehicles.

To discuss specific concerns and develop joint strategies, our experts in automotive logistics offer non-binding consultation sessions.

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