operations research

Operations Research - Mathematical Optimization

Operations Research (OR) uses sophisticated analytical methods and mathematical algorithms to make better decisions in complex situations.

Advanced mathematics for complex decisions

With the help of techniques such as mathematical modeling and optimization, OR can be used to describe the entire decision space of a problem with all its objectives and framework conditions. In a very short time, OR algorithms are then able to guide the way to the best decision. For this purpose, they search through a huge amount of options for action and use mathematical insights into the task structure to quickly and effectively arrive at the optimal solutions. This works even when decision situations become confusing and exceed the capabilities of human intuition. 

Combined with machine learning techniques that make data-based predictions, OR uses data in the most valuable way: for optimized decision-making and business process optimization. Many of INFORM's software systems are based at their core on OR's search and optimization algorithms. For example, whenever sequences in complex processes need to be optimized, this technology is applied. This is the case, for example, in logistics and manufacturing, or in the determination of extensive workforce rosters.