68% of Australian Businesses Unprepared for AI, New Study Reveals

As artificial intelligence continues to transform the business landscape, it's crucial to understand how prepared organisations are to harness its potential. This timely report, based on a survey of over 300 senior decision makers, provides an in-depth look at AI adoption, strategies, challenges, and enablers.

  • Benchmark Your Readiness: Compare your organisation's AI readiness with insights from 311 senior decision-makers.
  • Tailored Industry Insights: Get industry-specific data for banking, aviation, logistics, and professional services to see how AI is transforming these sectors.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: Understand the critical steps needed to harness AI's full potential and stay competitive in the digital transformation race.

YouGov Survey

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Key Topics Covered Include

  • AI Preparedness Gap: Only 32% of executives consider themselves fully ready to implement AI successfully, indicating a significant readiness gap despite high awareness (78%) and recognition (85%) of AI's potential benefits.
  • Fragmented Data Infrastructure: 62% of respondents have 'siloed' data, which can hinder effective AI implementation and utilisation, despite 86% claiming their tech infrastructure is scalable for AI.
  • Resistance to Change: Significant resistance to change from employees and leaders, with 20% of leaders and 73% of employees resisting AI adoption, poses a barrier to realising AI's full potential in organisations
  • AI Strategy Snapshot: 41% say their organisation doesn’t have an AI strategy in place, and 31% admit that their organisation’s AI strategy is poorly defined.
  • Barriers to Success: 87% say their organisation faces at least one barrier or challenge to be fully prepared for the successful implementation and continued use of AI.
Without a clear AI strategy, robust data infrastructure, and skilled workforce, companies risk falling behind in the digital transformation race.
Dr. Paul Flachskampf
CEO of INFORM Australia

AI In Your Industry

AI can be useful for all businesses. Whether you're an AI leader or just beginning to explore AI, this report delivers the insights you need to benchmark your efforts and chart a path forward.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov. Total sample size was 311 senior decision makers in Australian organisations currently using or planning to use AI. Fieldwork was undertaken between 28th March - 2nd April 2024. The survey was carried out online


Nearly four in five (78%) respondents say AI is currently used in their organisation. More than one in five (22%) say their organisation doesn’t currently use AI but plans to start using it in the next 12 months.

 This report details AI effectiveness, efficiency, and implementation in a range of businesses.


So what does this mean for you? A business owner, director, or manager. 

You’ll be able to discover how other businesses within your industry have successfully integrated AI within their business. Guiding you on how to best implement, expand, or refine your own AI journey.

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While Australia's logistics and transport industry understands the significant potential of AI, gaps that may hinder full implementation across the sector include:

  • 58 per cent admit organisational data tends to be stuck in siloes
  • 82 per cent face resistance to change from employees
  • 36% cite there is a lack of AI talent 

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There are several key challenges are hindering banks from being truly AI-ready:

  • Poorly defined AI Strategy (27 per cent vs 18 per cent nationally)
  • Highly fragmented, siloed data environments (46 per cent vs 24 per cent nationally)
  • Significant resistance to change from employees (83 per cent vs 73 per cent nationally)
  • and senior leadership (29 per cent vs 20 per cent nationally) 

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Aviation: The aviation industry is marginally ahead when it comes to being fully prepared for successful AI implementation and use. 35 per cent of aviation respondents say their organisation is fully prepared, compared to 32 per cent across all industries surveyed. However:

  • 80 per cent admit their organisational data tends to be stuck in siloes
  • 94 per cent face at least one barrier to full AI preparedness
  • Resistance to change from employees was cited by 93 per cent

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