Balancing Risk Minimization and Card Holder Convenience: How to Trust E-Commerce Card Payments


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Preventing e-commerce fraud begins with ensuring that only legitimate customers initiate credit and debit card transactions. However, it is difficult for e-commerce businesses to truly know about the card and the cardholder. Therefore, the entire financial ecosystem must collaborate to make e-commerce card transactions more secure.

RiskDefender supports the process of risk-based authentication for card issuers and merchants with its intelligent risk assessment capabilities. The goal is to process as many payments as possible without additional authentication, ensuring a positive shopping experience, but requesting a “step-up” verification for uncertain and risky transactions.

The introduction of additional data points through 3D Secure 2.0 allows for a holistic view of the customer and online transaction for a more accurate risk analysis.

This paper shows how the balancing act between minimizing risk and increasing convenience for the card holder can succeed through the use of 3D Secure and Risk-Based Authentication.

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