Born Digital: The New Workforce in Load Carrier Management

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Old and familiar practices have been turned on their head by the shift to data-driven management of load carriers. With the rise of new technologies, the digital workforce uses tools and processes based on real-time information and automated decision-making. These tools allow for accurate demand forecasts, real-time tracking and tracing, optimized distribution as well as automated transport organization.

In this Logistics Tech Short, we are talking about how data-driven decision-making paves the road from constant ad-hoc trouble shooting to strong resilience in load carrier management. Specifically, we will take a closer look at how to digitally manage complex load carrier networks with ease.


You will learn:

  • How to unleash the potential of the digital workforce.
  • What benefits Hybrid AI adds to your supply chain.
  • Latest successes in load carrier management achieved by the digital workforce.


This webinar is part of "Logistics Tech Shorts", a series of 20-minute webinars on optimization technology in the logistics industry. Designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking on how technology impacts logistics in the modern age, Logistic Tech Shorts deliver a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas you can apply today.


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