From Authentication to Authorization – Creating a payment ecosystem built on trust

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In this webinar, issuers, acquirers, and merchants learn how the perfect trifecta of fraud prevention, optimized conversion rates, and compliance to local payment regulations can be achieved through the application of smart systems.

Over the past several years, INFORM and Netcetera have been working closely with financial institutions across Europe to ensure online payments are both secure and convenient. This is accomplished by implementing an intelligent real-time end-to-end risk management approach. Adding a level of risk analysis to every stage of the payment transaction allows for the creation of a payment ecosystem built on trust for all parties.

Combining the power of Netcetera and RiskShield by INFORM has resulted in the successful implementation of a risk-based authentication approach at over 20 financial institutions, supporting hundreds of banks across Europe. Most recently, the strategy has been rolled out to 3 new customers in the Middle East as both companies expand into international markets.

Find out more about how an integrated approach to authentication and authorization can improve both the security and flow of online transactions. Sign up below to receive access to the on-demand webinar:

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