Hey Alexa: Where's my concrete?

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This article was published in the April issue of Global Cement Magazine in 2019.

The construction industry is facing a major overhaul. Traditional tools and processes are being enhanced or replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). From self-driving ready-mix trucks, to automated decision-making and even wallboard-mounting robots, algorithms are pushing and challenging long- established mindsets. This article takes a look at the technology behind these tools.

by Dirk Schlemper and Thomas Bergmans, INFORM GmbH, Germany

Most of us know, all too well, the pain of starting a home improvement project. You’ve just returned from the DIY store with a car full of building materials, only to realise you have to stop and drive back; not just once, but multiple times. Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned pro, at some point we all buy the wrong part, forget something, or simply don’t purchase enough in the first place.

What used to be a time-consuming exercise and a potential risk to your project’s timeline, can now be done by a simple voice command. “Alexa, order four 25kg bags of CEM I 42.5N and three bags of 20mm gravel.” Now with a same-day delivery service to your doorstep, there is no excuse to not finish the project on time.

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