Optimising Claims Management with AI

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Financier Worldwide discusses AI claims optimisation with INFORM colleagues Axel Linke and Sandra Krasny.

Some of the questions addressed:

- Could you provide an overview of how the claims management process has evolved over the last 10 years or so? What do you consider to be the key developments during this time?

- To what extent have you seen an increased adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) among insurers? Is there a rising demand to explore AI technology and integrate it into the claims management process?

- In what specific ways can AI help insurers to optimise claims management? Where can it boost speed, efficiency and accuracy?

- Is there a difference in how AI — and associated technologies such as machine learning (ML) — should be deployed to assess and process more complicated claims, compared to more straightforward, lower-value claims?

- Looking ahead, what are your predictions for the application of AI in claims management over the coming years? In what ways do you expect the toolkit to evolve?

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