Optimized Building Materials Logistics


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Fast reaction - proactive support

Price and the quality of service are key factors when it comes to the supply of ready-mixconcrete, mortar, aggregates, asphalt, cement and palletized building materials. Efficient transport management therefore is a strategic factor of success for building material producers and suppliers.

SYNCROTESS is the ideal software solution for the optimized planning and dispatch in the building materials industry. The system ensures the best possible allocation of transport orders
to vehicles. State-of-the-art optimization along with integrated real time planning and dispatch, availability-to-promise functionality supporting order entry as well as tactical pre-planning
enable companies to optimize their entire transport logistics.

What SYNCROTESS provides:

  • cost reductions,
  • improved service levels and
  • increased planning quality and consistency.

Meeting customer's expectations

SYNCROTESS enables the dispatcher to achieve on-time and in-full deliveries as per the customer’s order. As part of the daily routine, the logistics management establishes whether:

  • service levels can be met with fewer vehicles or
  • the service level can be increased with the existing vehicle fleet.

This key feature of SYNCROTESS allows producers and suppliers of building materials toimmediately react to market trends contributing this way to the company’s success.

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