The Simple Maths of Load Carrier Management

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Depot A has 9 boxes. Depot B lacks 4 boxes. How many boxes does depot C need next week?

Subtracting and adding load carriers or balancing their demand and supply seems to be a simple exercise. But in the daily grind of asset pooling this often turns out to be a complex calculation with various unknowns. Many software solutions are good at managing and tracking your assets. Some fail when it comes to distribution and dispatch. And only few receive top marks when reliable predictions are required.

In this Logistics Tech Shorts we will examine how pooling operators can easily solve these planning problems and how they can be applied in pooling cycles.


You’ll learn

  1. More on the complexity behind the simple maths of load carrier management.
  2. Why Excel and other tools will not move your assets to the next level.
  3. How algorithms can optimize the planning quality and costs of your pool.
  4. A best practice on how to boost your bottom line.


Logistics Tech Shorts - a series of 20-minute webinars on optimization technology in the building materials industry. Designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking on how technology impacts logistics in the modern age, Logistic Tech Shorts deliver a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas you can apply today.


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