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What does logistics mean? How does a supply chain work? What are supplies? And how do you prevent fraud?

These are the questions children have asked us! And we are happy to answer them! For this purpose, we have created several topic sheets that offer knowledge, fun and variety. Children between the ages of six and ten learn how logistical processes work.

Advanced tasks and fun exercises are added to each topic sheet that children can work on while also practicing reading, writing, arithmetic, geography and problem solving.

Modul 03

What is Fraud?

In this workbook, Freddy the Financial Crime Fighter guides kids through the fascinating and, at times, very challenging world of fraud and financial crime prevention. Lessons about money, honesty and dishonesty are followed by tasks that allow kids to help Freddy fight fraud.

Lessons such as the importance of protecting personal data and tips for keeping that information safe are also included in various tasks. At the end of the workbook, the kids can help Freddy find a credit card thief, investigate insurance claims and prevent a scam at a telecommunication company. Once these tasks are complete, the kids are officially part of Freddy’s Financial Crime Fighting Team!

Learning Skills: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Problem Solving, Analytical, Moral.

Fun Skills: Coloring, Word Find, Mazes.

Module 2

What are supplies?

In this workbook Klaro the hamster explains what supplies are. You will learn why not only animals but also humans need supplies, what a good inventory has to do with your favorite food, and how supermarkets work with inventory.

Klaro has also collected lots of exciting tasks and puzzles. Here you can calculate how many supplies Klaro has in his burrow. And you find out what ingredients you need for your favorite food and how to cook it.

Learning skills: Reading, Writing, Addition, Subtraction, Creativity, Problem Solving,

Fun skills: Coloring, Word Find, Mazes. Math Pyramids, Cooking

Module 01

What is the Supply Chain

Trade is facilitated via supply chains. A supply chain represents the physical, and conceptual, flow of resources between a point of origin, a supplier, and the point of destination, a customer as well as the infrastructure and resources needed to physically move those goods.

Within the supply chain, there exists multiple steps whereby raw resources (e.g., timber, oil, minerals, etc.) are manufactured into finished goods, or products. These finished products are then shipped to the end customers. Most trade supply chains now span the globe with many of the products you are using right now being produced in countries on the opposite side of the world before being shipped to you.

Learning Skills: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Addition, Subtraction, Geography, Problem Solving.

Fun Skills: Coloring, Word Find, Math Pyramids, Mazes.

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