Card Fraud Prevention and Merchant protection For acquirers, payment processors and merchants

RiskShield is real-time fraud prevention solution that automatically assesses the fraud risk of a payment card transaction in order to protect honest merchants against card fraud and the acquirer against merchant fraud.


Traditional card fraud changes due to the fact that a substantial share of card transactions are no longer related to the physical usage of the card. Security features like Chip/PIN are not applicable in Card-Not-Present transactions. The fastest-growing fraud without the actual card – either online, over the phone or through the mail, needs a different approach to protect an organization against these fraudsters.

RiskShield monitors in real-time all in-coming transactions of the (online) merchants. In addition, the pure payment transaction information, profiles, transaction histories and statistical data are made available inside RiskShield to identify any fraudulent transactions, from friendly fraud to counterfeit cards.

RiskShield helps to keep the chargebacks low and it will safeguard an organization against fraudulent and inexperienced merchants. It will allow for additional revenues to be safely and securely generated even when doing business with risky merchants such as online gambling and travel booking sites.


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  • Real-time detection

    High performing detection technology to risk assess every individual online and point-of-sales transaction within just milliseconds.

  • Improvement in card security

    Ultimate safety-net protection when EMV card transactions and online payments secured by 3D-Secure fail.

  • Risk-based Authentication

    Unique protection solution for skimmed cards with real-time evaluation of historical card data and compromised identification at the terminal.

  • Avoidance of card scheme penalties

    Stop violating card schemes compliance rules by observing relevant statistics like authorization levels and CTRs.

  • PCI-DSS ready

    Ensuring a seamless and secure implementation with full integration into a PCI-DSS compliant environment.

  • Flexible integration

    Delivers an open and flexible interface to integrate with every payment gateway and card authorization system in the market.

Merchant Protection

Online Merchant Protection

A recent study from the European Central Bank shows that Card-Not-Present fraud is growing faster than any other form of payment fraud. RiskShield offers online merchants a real-time solution to assess risk and prevent fraud to protect them from online payment fraud. RiskShield is based on supervised learning technology that connects the dots between data and suspicious behavior and stops fraudulent purchases before delivering the goods and thereby avoiding chargebacks.

RiskShield for Online Merchant Protection:

    • Real-time customer website behavior analysis
    • Customer order history and dynamic profiling monitoring
    • Risk-based payment authentication for 3D-Secure 2.0 transactions
    • Integration to external sources e.g. address and telephone verification services
    • Online geo-location and IP verification and support of watch lists

    Winner of 2015 Merchant Payments EcoSystem Award.

    Merchant Risk Scoring and Monitoring

    Merchant Risk Scoring and Monitoring

    Like every acquirer, you want to ensure you have a proper merchant acceptance process in place to define the business risk of every new relationship. The assessment of risk profiles is an important task that could potentially impact the organization’s reputation and financial position. What are the merchant's intentions, creditworthiness, money laundering risks, and other relevant factors?

    RiskShield offers the best techniques to score merchant risks:

    • High-performance decision engine, combining fuzzy controlled rules and mathematical algorithms.
    • Dynamic profiling and pattern recognition capability for ongoing due diligence and for re-evaluating merchants’ risk profiles.
    • Verification systems e.g. credit rating bureaus and criminal records.
    • Discovery of unknown relationships. Capability to test and simulate new scorecards and credit policies with champion- challenger and software simulations.

    Winner of 2015 Merchant Payments EcoSystem Award.


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