Aviation Workforce Management

Flexible shift and working time models are hot topics among airline and ground handling management. The workload demand fluctuates significantly. Staff scheduling has to cope with unpredictable flight changes and employee absences. A high quality, cost-effective service can only be realized when the complexity of workforce management is mastered. With powerful software conflicts between employee needs and flexible time management can be resolved.


The Workforce Management solution makes it possible to create the conditions to provide a punctual, flexible handling process including cost control constraints and employees workload balance. All scheduling processes are supported, from the flight schedule driven determination of staffing requirements and capacity planning to creation and modification of the roster.

The solution has been optimized for specific ground handling requirements, has been successfully deployed worldwide for 20 years and is consistently enhanced and developed based upon industry changes and customer feedback.

Using innovative technologies and powerful optimization strategies, it is possible to individually take into account the conflicting goals between cost-efficient staffing, employee needs and high customer satisfaction. The result is the best possible quantitative and qualitative staffing considering the specific objective criteria and restrictions. Please find more information here.


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Innovative optimization methods and powerful modeling options are the basis for unique capabilities in the representation of specific and complex requirements.

  • Adaptability

    The system covers as a standard solution a broad range of typical requirements in workforce planning. If customer-specific requirements need to be represented, an extension of the system is possible at any time.

  • Algorithms and optimization methods

    Objectives and constraints can be configured and all relevant planning parameters and their dependencies are simultaneously factored in. The most powerful optimization strategies find the best solution.

  • Strategic analysis and scenario capabilities

    The system enables a quantitative assessment of alternatives and strategies. Long-term personnel capacity and demand can be aligned, working time models can be optimized and productivity and efficiency can be analyzed.

  • Employee portal

    The web-based employee access minimizes the administrative effort for the creation and management of rosters. The processing of vacation requests and shift swaps is automated as much as possible, using workflows and rule-based proposals.

  • Reporting and analysis

    With the help of reporting and analysis tools, undesirable trends and conflicts can be detected at an early stage. For controlling purposes, customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are configured.

  • Integration and time management

    Open interfaces allow easy integration with the existing HR systems and with established time management systems. Duplicate data maintenance and errors in accounting and controlling process are avoided.


  • Improved Planning quality

  • Increased Productivity

  • Focusing on the essentials

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Investment security

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GroundStar is the most comprehensive software suite currently on the market that supports and optimizes the resource management processes of airlines, airports and ground handlers.

Our demo clips provide a glimpse into the functional capabilities of the GroundStar modules based on several specific use-cases.

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