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INFORM specialises in Digital Decision Making enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise business operations in terms of efficiency, reliability and agility. 900 business analysts, data scientists, and software engineers support more than 1,000 client companies globally with turn-key solutions and long-term support.

Leveraging the combination of computer algorithms with human expertise, INFORM's superior Hybrid AI technology integrates Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence, including Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning.

Our applications include solutions for Aviation, Automotive, Banking & Insurance, Fraud Prevention & AML, IBP, Inventory & Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Materials Handling, Production, Transportation, Workforce Management, and more.

Inform Software Corporation with its Sydney office supports INFORM operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Inform Software Corporation Pty Ltd
Level 5 / 616 Harris St
Sydney NSW.2007 / Australia


Corporate Growth

Global Facts & Figures

  • Software for Digital Decision Making based on OR and AI, including Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning
  • For planning and real-time control of complex, dynamic business operations, including automated data driven decision making where appropriate
  • Turn-key solutions, with long-term 24/7 support if desired, for a multitude of business sectors and types of operations
  • More than 900 staff including more than 30 nationalities
  • Established in 1969, since 1985 more than 30 years of double-digit growth
  • Revenues exceeding EUR 101.5 mio. (USD 107 mio.)
  • Profits consistently re-invested into substantial R&D - i.e. incremental system innovations as well as visionary new products
  • Internal ownership – founder, directors, long-term employees
  • Corporate vision: sustainability and long-term business partner relationships

Where we can help you

We partner with our clients in the transformation process, providing optimal and tailor-made solutions, achieving concrete returns and helping them to deliver service excellence. Focused on implementation through a proven methodology, we help our clients to implement quickly and sustainably, generating knowledge within the organisation.


Prevention of Fraud

Financial criminals are constantly seeking out new avenues to commit fraud. To meet this challenge, financial service providers are requiring increased access to data resources to effectively detect and stop fraud, and identify new trends. INFORM's Risk and Fraud Management software provides a reliable, fast and responsive anti-fraud solution to meet these requirements and protect your organization against financial crime and cyber attacks.

Read more about INFORM's Risk and Fraud Management Solution >>

Building Materials Logistics

INFORM software for building materials logistics, optimises transport scheduling and time slot management. Our software offers manufacturers, and suppliers of building materials, the capability to have the price and service quality factors work in their favour by providing effective support in the following areas:

  • Preliminary tactical planning,
  • Availability checks,
  • Time slot management,
  • Real-time scheduling,
  • Real-time optimization.

In each case, the system uses the best optimization algorithms available for for the cement, ready-mix, asphalt, and aggregates industry. The system benefits from INFORM's experience gathered over 25 successful years in construction materials logistics.

Airport Operations

Airlines expect to have the right staffing at the right time doing the right activity resulting in increased efficiencies. The challenge lies in dealing with the many uncertainties such as weather, punctuality, slot allocation, delayed passengers or technical defects. None of these factors can be planned for, but each has a huge impact on the entire care process.

INFORM's intelligent software helps to make the best use of resources, reducing costs and efficiently planning operational processes.

Workforce Management

Workforce management always occurs between the conflicting interests of flexible working time, employee needs and service quality. An optimised staff scheduling finds the best possible balance for individual operational objectives and conditions. Thus, employee motivation, working time productivity and customer satisfaction increase. This is only possible with powerful software that meets the complex, individual operating requirements. INFORM software is the only software world-wide that enables a quick and easy implementation of changing requirements anytime. With INFORM you are on the safe side, no matter what the future brings!

Terminal Logistics

Every second counts! and INFORM's advanced optimisers for your TOS will allow you to improve the operation of your terminal. Real-time optimisation applied to various processes:

  • The maximisation of yard space utilisation and reduction of rehandles
  • The definition of efficient work sequences for cranes, reducing travel distances and meeting schedules
  • The allocation of vehicle transport orders in real time
  • The development of multiple transport chains to reduce waiting times and unnecessary vehicle trips
  • Improving train loading plans to speed up train dispatching and increase train loading capacity
  • Calculating the optimal sequence for loading and unloading trucks based on the arrival of trucks at the terminal

Worldwide Client References

More than 1,000 companies in more than 40 countries run INFORM software systems. They are supported 24/7 from Aachen, Germany, Inform Software Corporation in Atlanta GA, USA and Sydney, Australia and INFORM Software SpA in Santiago de Chile.

References in that Region

More than 1,000 companies in more than 40 countries run INFORM software systems. They are supported 24/7 from Sydney, Australia, Inform Software Corporation in Atlanta GA, USA, INFORM Software SpA in Santiago de Chile and INFORM in Aachen,Germany.


Management Team Australia

Paul Flachskampf Executive Director
Martin Bradley Head of Sales Risk & Fraud
Dr. Andreas Meyer Chairman of the Advisory Board


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