Riskdefender Empowers your resilience against risk

Our enterprise Risk & Financial Crime Management solution equips financial institutions, insurance carriers, and telecommunication service providers with unmatched control through our Hybrid AI technology. RiskDefender empowers you to safeguard your business and protect your customers by offering with dependable, real-time capabilities proactively combating today's and tomorrow’s risks with confidence.


  • Unique Hybrid AI approach combining human expertise and data-based Machine Learning.
  • Extreme flexibility on various levels.
  • Exceptional speed in transaction monitoring.



RiskDefender is a world-class risk assessment, fraud prevention and Anti Money Laundering (AML) suspicious activities monitoring software solution providing unprecedented response time to the constant changing modus operandi of financial criminals.

It leverages Hybrid AI technology to offer real-time anti-fraud capabilities that adapt to evolving criminal tactics. RiskDefender's flexible and configurable features allow monitoring across various product lines and channels, including banking, payments, cards processing, insurance, and telecommunications.

Its key strengths include:

  • Predictive Analytics and Human-Like Intelligence: RiskDefender combines statistical profiles, fuzzy logic, machine learning, and other techniques for highly effective fraud detection.
  • Real-Time Performance: It operates as a real-time decision engine with instant processing capabilities.
  • User-Friendly Scenario Management: RiskDefender offers an intuitive interface for creating, analyzing, and optimizing fraud detection rules without IT support.
  • Case Investigation and Workflow Management: It provides comprehensive alert, case and workflow management solutions, streamlining the investigation process.

To get an overview of all the application areas in which RiskDefender operates, please use the linked buttons below. 

*Please note that RiskDefender (under this name) is only available in Australia . In the rest of the world this software is known and distributed as "RiskShield". However, the software solution itself is identical.

closing the gap between security and customer convenience.

Financial criminals are constantly seeking out new avenues to commit fraud. To meet this challenge, financial service providers require increased access to data resources to effectively detect and stop fraud, and identify new trends. RiskDefender provides a reliable, fast and responsive anti-fraud solution to meet these requirements and protect your organization against financial crime and cyber attacks.

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More than 250 companies in finance, insurance, and telecommunications protect their customers with the holistic risk & fraud solution portfolio offered by INFORM, including:


Visualization of the Brochure "RiskDefender for Fraud Prevention in Online and Mobile Banking"

RiskDefender for Fraud Prevention in Online & Mobile Banking

RiskDefender safeguards banking sessions and provides proactive protection against emerging threats.

Visualization of the RiskDefender Info Paper "An Integrated Anti Money Laundering an d Counter Terrorist Financing Strategy"

RiskDefender's integrated AML & CTF Strategy

Explore how RiskDefender can optimize your AML/CTF monitoring process with real-time insights and AI.

Visualization of the Info Paper "RiskDefender for Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention"

RiskDefender for Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention

Your All-in-One Shield for Card Fraud, Risk Assessment, and Compliance. Explore the Future-Proof Solution Using Machine Learning and Real-Time Intelligence.

Visualization of the RiskDefender Info Paper "Application and Credit Scoring"

RiskDefender for Application and Credit Scoring

Discover how RiskDefender streamlines customer onboarding and prevents fraud with advanced risk assessment and credit scoring.

Visualization of the RiskDefender Info Paper "Securing e-commerce card transactions with RiskShield. Dive into the intricate world of trust, risk minimization, and cardholder convenience"

Balancing Risk Minimization and Card Holder Convenience

Securing e-commerce card transactions with RiskDefender. Dive into the intricate world of trust, risk minimization, and cardholder convenience.

Visualization of the RiskDefender Info Paper "NPP Payments Require Real-time Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution"

NPP Payments Require Real-time Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution

Discover how RiskDefender's real-time fraud detection solution ensures the integrity of NPP instant payments and provides a competitive edge for banks and their customers.

Visualization of the Brochure "RiskDefender Case Management"

RiskDefender Case Management

Dive into RiskDefender Case Management, a browser-based solution offering powerful investigation tools, workflow control, and collaborative features for efficient risk management.

Martin Bradley

Head of Sales Asia Pacific | Risk & Fraud