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Event Review: Insights from the 13th Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit

Apr 23, 2024 // Halyna Hermanns

Group picture at the 13th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit

As representatives of INFORM, Roy Prayikulam, SVP of Risk & Fraud, and I had the pleasure of attending the 13th Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit in Vienna. This event, held on April 10th and 11th, brought together industry leaders and experts from across Europe to explore the latest trends and innovations in digital banking and mobile payments.


Throughout the summit, participants focused on a variety of topics, from next-generation digital banking to cybersecurity and financial inclusion. The agenda was filled with insightful presentations and engaging discussions, highlighting the evolving landscape of the financial sector. In summary, the following points were of particular interest to me:

  • Next-Generation Digital Banking: Discussions revolved around the latest advancements in digital banking technologies, including mobile banking apps, digital wallets, and personalized customer experiences.
  • Enhancing User Experience: With customer expectations on the rise, there was a focus on strategies for delivering seamless and intuitive user experiences across digital channels.
  • AI and Big Data in Banking: Presentations and panel discussions explored the role of artificial intelligence and big data analytics in revolutionizing banking services, from personalized financial advice to fraud detection.
  • Driving Innovation in Mobile Payments: Established players shared insights into driving innovation in the mobile payments space, including the adoption of contactless payments and mobile wallets.
  • Building Trust in Digital Banking: As digital transactions become increasingly prevalent, there was a spotlight on enhancing security measures to build trust and confidence among consumers.
  • Financial Inclusion through Mobile Payments: Presentations highlighted the role of mobile payments in promoting financial inclusion, enabling access to banking services for underserved populations.
  • Digital Wallets - Opportunities and Challenges: The summit addressed the opportunities and challenges associated with digital wallets, including issues related to security, interoperability, and user adoption.


As a silver sponsor, INFORM had the opportunity to contribute to the event programme with a presentation. Held by my colleague Roy Prayikulam, it focused on "Mitigating Digital Risks for Banking Success". Roy's expertise in risk management and his exploration of proactive risk strategies were well received by the audience. His insights on leveraging data and Hybrid AI for risk mitigation sparked thought-provoking discussions and underscored the importance of staying ahead of digital threats in today's landscape.

Audience at Roy's presentation at the 13th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit

Interested in seeing Roy's Presentation?

As we move forward, INFORM remains committed to driving meaningful change in the financial industry. To access Roy's presentation and learn more about our innovative solution RiskShield in digital risk management, please send us a contact request via I look forward to connecting with you and exploring how INFORM can help your financial organization navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

Thank you to Allan Lloyds for organizing yet another insightful summit, and to all the attendees for contributing to meaningful discussions that will shape the future of digital banking.


Roy Prayikulam holding a presentation at the 13th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit
Halyna Hermanns at the 13th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit
Roy Prayikulam holding a presentation at the 13th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit

About our Expert

Halyna Hermanns

Halyna Hermanns

Business Development Manager | Risk & Fraud

Halyna Hermanns is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) at INFORM's Risk & Fraud Division. She has been involved in many AML Compliance projects in the payment and cards area, for example in transaction monitoring, customer due diligence and terrorist financing. Previously she was an AML Analyst at one of the largest international banks in Poland.