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In times of ever-increasing booking and travel numbers, the need for qualified personnel is becoming ever greater. This also affects planning. Without careful preparation, high inefficiencies and related high costs are inevitable.

Medium-sized and smaller companies with even lower staffing levels are especially hard hit. They, too, need to know how many employees with which qualifications are required for the next season. A resource planning system offers this essential support. For those who do not have such a system and cannot procure one at short notice, Planning as a Service is an ideal alternative.

INFORM's Planning as a Service solution is presented in the following webinar.

You will:

  • Learn how advanced software helps you overcome staff shortages.
  • Find out how medium- and small-sized companies at the airport can benefit from optimized strategic and operational planning at an affordable per-use basis.
  • Discover the advantages of receiving planning services without having to implement, install, and operate the software yourself.
  • Explore the benefits of getting planning services that you/your staff won’t have to spend time learning how to use. Instead, your focus can be on analyzing the generated strategic and operational planning results.

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This webinar was hosted by International Airport Review.

INFORM Planning as a Service

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