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on the road to ai

In this new episode of LOGISTICS TECH SHORTS ON THE ROAD Karsten Horn embarks on the road to AI in building materials logistics, exploring new technologies and processes for your business. 

part i: let's go

The legendary INFORM van is set to go. Watch Karsten as he does a final check before embarking onto another exciting road trip to AI in building materials logistics.

part Ii: optimized aggregates sourcing

When ready-mix producers want to optimize their aggregates sourcing strategy, they need to look at both - product costs and transport costs. Learn how AI can help finding the right balance four your business.

part iii: transport planning speed & quality

Delivering ready-mix concrete is a daily race against the clock. What tools are out there to support your dispatchers and planners? And what are they capable of in terms of planning speed and quality?

part iV: responsible ai

AI isn't snakeoil. AI is a great remedy when it comes to optimize your building materials logistics. But some vendors market their software with miraculous benefits. Benefits, that may not always align with reality. How do you make sure that you don’t buy the wrong AI solution?

part V: dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a common practice in many industries. But why not in our industry? Why not for cement, concrete or aggregates deliveries? What tools are needed to implement a dynamic pricing scheme in your logistics operations?

part Vi: quarry restoration

Studies have shown that quarries and gravel pits can be home to a vast range of plants and wildlife that are being displaced in other areas. Some quarries are even hotspots for biodiversity. What value can AI and logistics add during the active phase of a quarry?

Dirk Schlemper

Dirk Schlemper

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