Build Resilient Supply Chains

The ADD*ONE software optimizes your supply chain management by:

  • + Multisourcing
  • + AI-bases forecasts
  • + Decision suggestions

Taming the black swan. With ADD*ONE to a resilient supply chain.

Multisourcing at the click of your mouse

Does the failure of a supplier make you sweat? ADD*ONE helps you to quickly find alternatives in crisis situations at the push of a button. Instead of relying on just one supplier, you have a wide range of options – multisourcing. This reduces dependencies, minimizes supply bottlenecks and ultimately lowers your costs.

Improved delivery time forecast

Do you sometimes wonder whether your supplier can still meet the agreed delivery dates? With the AI-based delivery date prediction, ADD*ONE is able to predict even unconfirmed or incorrectly promised dates more reliably. This gives you a wide range of control options to strategically increase or decrease stocks and plan them more in line with demand.

Automation makes work easier

Do you often lack the time to take care of strategic tasks? With ADD*ONE, you can automate many of your supply chain processes, giving you the freedom to focus on truly important exceptions (management by exception). For example, ADD*ONE calculates cost-optimized order proposals on a daily basis and proactively alerts you to impending bottlenecks or other needs for action.

More transparency, more security

Do you sometimes lose track of the information you have gathered? Digital solutions such as ADD*ONE can help. They provide a clear overview of all the planning stages in your supply chain and give you specific, sustainable recommendations for action – even in crisis situations. You always have a clear overview of the impact of your decisions, which leads to greater security in your day-to-day work.

Tackling the shortage of skilled workers

Are you looking for outstanding talent for your company? With ADD*ONE, you can provide your staff with the best possible support in their work. Valuable (specialist) knowledge is utilized and processed in such a way that new employees can also benefit from it. With the help of the software, they can familiarize themselves with their work more quickly, make fewer mistakes and gain more confidence in their increasingly complex work.

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Andreas Schäfer

Andreas Schäfer

Expert for Supply Chain Optimization

Andreas Schäfer has been working for INFORM GmbH in the Inventory & Supply Chain division since 1999. In his role as sales manager, he supports interested parties from the supply chain sector in the decision-making process for selecting the optimal planning software.


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