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INFORM Trend Report on IT in Vehicle Logistics 2024

Transforming Vehicle Logistics: 
Pivotal role of IT and AI

This study presents a comprehensive analysis of the evolving landscape in vehicle logistics management, with a special focus on the impact and integration of information technology (IT). 

We are thrilled to announce its latest study on IT in vehicle logistics, highlighting key findings on IT and AI's transformative impact in the vehicle logistics sector. With a detailed analysis of current challenges, including capacity constraints and the need for greater operational efficiency and transparency, this report is grounded in insights from 106 industry professionals. The comprehensive study underscores a robust forecast for market growth and identifies key technologies driving innovation, also reflecting on the need for enhancements.

Find out how your colleagues and we assess the current situation

  • In the next five years, do you expect the volume of vehicles your company handles to grow?
  • Which challenges in the vehicle management process are most important for you?
  • Which upcomping technologies will affect your business within the next five years?
  • How are you organizing your vehicle logistics?

Participants and Company Data

106 professionals and managers

Participants working at Automotive Manufacturers, Logistics Service Providers, Haulier/ Carriers, Car Terminal Operators, Port Authority

Companies located in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa

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Artificial intelligence in particular is advancing steadily and at a rapid pace. Thus, we can assume we will see many more advancements and completely new applications in the coming years.
Ruud Vossebeld, Director Business Development at INFORM

Do you want to see the results? Download the full report here.