Introducing GroundStar Academy: Enhancing INFORM’s Software with Effective Training

Oct 19, 2023

INFORM, a leading provider of Hybrid AI-based optimization software known for improving decision-making, processes efficiency, and resource management, has introduced GroundStar Academy. This customer centric e-learning platform offers structured training courses, comprehensive reference materials, tutorials, and more.

INFORM’s GroundStar suite of products are used by Airlines, Airports, and Ground Handlers world-wide to help operators achieve significant cost savings while improving operational performance. GroundStar Academy complements these industry-leading products by providing users with the flexibility to access training at their convenience in small, manageable segments, eliminating the need for time-consuming on-site sessions. Users can revisit training modules as needed to solidify their understanding, maximizing the value of INFORM's GroundStar (GS) solutions.

According to INFORM’s Senior Vice President of Aviation, Uschi Schulte-Sasse, “In today’s competitive landscape, adaptable training solutions are essential. E-learning offers convenient access to essential product information, facilitating efficient onboarding new staff especially during periods of frequent staff turnover.”

GroundStar Academy enhances product workshops by incorporating additional interactive, digital materials, offering post-workshop support, and providing refresher training. GroundStar Academy contains a comprehensive curriculum which supports the entire key-user experience from broad overviews of specific modules and product basics to far more complex topics including base data modification, shift design, engagement standards, and task management. Upon completing this training, the user gains a fundamental understanding of the systems and can proficiently manage core functionalities. This foundational knowledge can then be further refined and expanded based on specific operational requirements during an onsite product workshop.

Schulte-Sasse adds, “We believe GroundStar Academy will significantly benefit our customers by enhancing training effectiveness and maximizing the value our customers gain by using GroundStar software.”


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