Hrvatski Telekom selects AI-based solution by INFORM to monitor and further increase customer satisfaction

Jan 30, 2023

Hrvatski Telekom, Croatia’s leading telecommunications company, opts for RiskShield Score’n’Action, an advanced AI-based risk assessment system developed by software vendor INFORM, to holistically monitor customer experience and satisfaction. Also well-established in the field of risk prevention for communication service providers, the system offers a single digital decision-making platform to combine data from a wide array of sources. Thus, Hrvatski Telekom will additionally bolster its customer-centric approach with both a holistic score as well as automated processes to help define and execute specific actions in real-time for individual customers.

As competition among telecom operators grows, most strategic decisions aim to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and engagement. Although Hrvatski Telekom is providing the best customer experience within Croatia’s telco market in both B2C and B2B segments, the company decided to further invest in sustainably strong customer relations using INFORM’s AI-based solution RiskShield.

RiskShield, a Digital Decision-Making platform, working events driven, in real-time and combining data coming from different data sources, will provide to Hrvatski Telekom with a unique view of customer satisfaction and improve customer engagement.

Branimir Spajic, Director Customer Experience Management at Hrvatski Telekom, said about the partnership: “With this cooperation, we are moving to the next stage of building a decision intelligence system. Our main goal is to better understand customers’ experience priorities, supported with a great data science tool and by applying AI across data preparation, business analytics, and data science. We are developing tailor-made solutions, and with the automation of highly technical work, this collaboration will deliver data-driven insights for all stakeholders allowing us to make faster and more intelligent decisions. We want to keep up with the trends of best-in-class companies by leveraging decision intelligence systems, enriching our analytical capabilities, and unlocking intelligent experience engines through all available data.”

Roy Prayikulam, Senior Vice-President at INFORM, added: “RiskShield offers a clear workflow for dealing with customer satisfaction scores that results in immediate action where required and a continuous learning loop. We are very excited to be able to support Hrvatski Telekom with our system in achieving their goals.”

RiskShield combines the most modern technologies: Fuzzy logic and real-time profiling produce a flexible and agile ruleset that is combined with Machine Learning for optimal decisions. The knowledge-based approach allows customer experience specialists to include their expertise in the dynamic ruleset, while the machine learning models generate additional insight to enhance the scoring process. The combination of both knowledge-based and machine-learning models formulate RiskShield’s unique Hybrid Artificial Intelligence approach.

INFORM develops software for optimizing business processes using Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. While standard data management software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous decision variants, and suggest the best possible solution. More than 1,000 customers worldwide from various industry sectors rely on INFORM solutions, including manufacturing, commerce, airport, port, logistics, banking, telecommunications, and insurance businesses.


About Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom is the leading telecommunications provider in Croatia, providing fixed and mobile telephony, wholesale, internet, and data services. The main activity of Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Croatian Telecom Inc.) and other subsidiary companies is the provision of telecommunications services, design, and construction of communications networks on the Croatian territory. The Group also provides fixed telephone line service, Internet services including IPTV, data transmission services, and operates GSM and UMTS mobile telephone networks.