INFORM announces community entry in ETIS

Mar 14, 2023

INFORM joins ETIS, a non-profit organization that brings together Europe's major telecommunications providers to share knowledge in a trusted environment. As a community for telecom professionals, ETIS aims to improve their business performance and drive change through close collaboration. INFORM is looking forward to contributing to this community by sharing its experience and know-how, particularly around customer experience.

RiskShield by INFORM enables telecommunication service providers to analyze large data sets from multiple channels, score customer satisfaction through a scoring mix (involving indicators such as the NPS) and trigger real-time actions to drive customer engagement. As a holistic solution, the system combines the most modern technologies - fuzzy logic, real-time profiling, and machine learning to provide a unique view of the customer experience drivers.

Roy Prayikulam, Senior Vice-President at INFORM, said: “We are very much looking forward to sharing our experience with the leaders of the telecommunications industry and jointly developing new best practices in customer experience management. By becoming a member of ETIS, we have set the course for accomplishing this.”

ETIS’ goal is to enable its members to reach their strategic objectives and to improve their business performance by sharing knowledge on industry challenges and by collaborating where possible. The community currently includes 28 telco partners and 16 supporting parties (service providers), representing the telecommunications industry in 20 European countries.

The community brings together the major telecom operators and suppliers in Europe around 17 working groups and task forces, where best practices, challenges, trends, and strategic topics are discussed. These result in benchmarks, working papers, reports and more, which are presented at the annual ETIS Community Gathering.