Load Carrier Management: Large Volumes with Minimal Effort

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Delivering the correct containers, in the right quantities, cost-efficiently, punctually, as well as collecting empties for their return on-time is load carrier management at its best. Some consider this a pipedream, because in reality, load carrier management generally suffers from a lack of load carrier location making management difficult at best.

Just as containers are invisible, so too is Mr. X in the nerve-wracking board game “Scotland Yard”. Here, the detectives that follow him know that he is somewhere among the busses, subways, and taxis – but never the precise location; he’s invisible. How is it possible to find Mr. X?

How can load carrier location be known at all times allowing for effective distribution and cost controlling? The winners of the container management game will benefit from high quality planning and improved service quality while also controlling costs in parrellel. Find out which steps are necessary to accomplish this – in our 15 minute Logistics Tech Short.

This video is available in German only.


You'll learn

  1. How a cost-efficient distribution of load carriers is possible.
  2. How to ensure that your containers remain visible within your pool.
  3. Customer success story - load carrier management isn’t a pipedream, it actually delivers a higher level of efficiency.


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