Syncrotess for Post and Parcel Centers combines the world's most advanced optimization with a automation ready Yard Management System (YMS).


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YMS Modules

Our modular Yard Management System design allows terminals to select the features they require to build a custom YMS to suite their specific needs. As your distribution hub grows, add additional modules to increase your YMS functionality to match your needs.



  • YMS Connect

    Handling of transport relevant data within your network. To know all about the expected transport before they arrive.

    Improved visibility of inbound trucks

    • Syncrotess supports interfaces to thir-party booking systems
    • Conflicts between bookings will be highlighted.
  • Gate Processes

    Full support for manual or automated gate operations. Optimized allocation of docks and storing position upon truck arrival at the gate.

    Streamlined billing

    • Customer specific set of rules to configure which handling/service is to be invoiced
    • Individual price lists per customer/per invoiceable service
    • Export invoice data to third-party accounting system.
  • Dock Allocation

    The system determines optimized docks for load units in the yard and automatically creates job orders.

    Streamlined gate processes

    • Collecting pictures of trucks and load units, and several details such as license plates, LU number, damages and warning plates using Syncrotess Standard OCR interface
    • Speed up the manual process of checking load units via mobile application
    • Providing truckers with transport orders.
    • Optional: Add-on Time Slot Management or Truck Scheduler

  • Shunting Processes

    Increase resource utilization through the creation and transmission of optimized shunting orders in real-time.

    Intelligence for the heart of your terminal

    • Configure areas/slots for preferred load unit types
    • Configure areas/slots for forbidden load unit content (hazardous goods)
    • Lock/unlock areas/single slots
    • Set maximum stacking heights.
    • Optional: Add-on Yard Optimizer and Machine Learning
  • Efficient Communication

    Sorting center staff keep load unit related information up to date via mobile handheld devices and relevant data can be seen at dock door screens.

    Driving your terminal forward


    • Real time overview of all existing work orders
    • Dispatcher can assign work orders to dedicated resources
    • Direct feedback when a work order was completed by a resource.
    • Optional: Add-on Vehicle Optimizer or Crane Optimizer



  • Goods Handling Sortation

    Possibility to increase the sorter utilization with optional Smart Link, an intelligent connection between your sorter and Syncrotess YMS.

    Keeping waterside operations afloat

    • Administration of ship schedules
    • Quay management
    • Pre-stowage functionality.

  • Truck Calls

    External trucks get their orders by text message or display and are guided through the facility.

    Keeping your rail humming

    • Management of many types of rail car base data
    • Management of train timetables as well as track occupancy.
  • Storing Positions

    Know where every load unit is in your yard and benefit from a more efficient use of resources and storing positions.

    Full-service intermodal facility TOS

    • Management of load unit specific damage kinds
    • Managements of configurable kind of repair services
    • Confirmed estimates can be converted into specific services
    • Service details will be transferred to the billing module to be invoiced.
  • Control Center

    Relieve the dispatcher of routine tasks, enabling them to concentrate on driving the hub's productivity.

    Transparency for all stakeholders

    • Standard reports based on operational data
    • Statistical database to run extensive queries to gain deep insights
    • Third-party BI software can be easily connected.

Syncrotess Yard Management System Benefits at a Glance

  • Efficiency and Transparency.

  • New and improved optimization algorithms.

    Average of 40% efficiency gain of shunting operations and dock utilization. Up to 60% reduction of changing time at docks.

  • Enhanced yard performance Reduction of yard operational costs up to 500,000 EUR/year.

  • Return on Investment within one year possible.

  • Smart and intuitive user interface.

  • Interconnection with your network by Syncrotess Connect.

  • Future ready system – automation ready, machine learning ready, integration ready.

Selected Sucess Stories and References

Swiss Post Digital Yard Logistics at Swiss Post

Swiss Post relies on INFORM’s YMS with smart optimization algorithms in its yard logistics to achieve the necessary level of efficiency in this highly complex process. Night after night, Swiss Post must be in a position to transport as many as half a million letters and parcels all around the country. Dispatchers have to juggle hundreds of swap bodies at the same time, ensuring that docks have been correctly assigned, and the use of shunting units and rail-mounted gantry cranes has been optimized.


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