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Yard Management System for Distribution Centers


Comparision: Duration of shunting orders with and without vehicle optimization


When you think of automation, the first thing that comes to mind is typically robotic hardware. However, an equally important element of any automated hardware system is a software control system that is capable of matching the same level of automation for routine tasks. The AI-powered YMS is capable of automating up to 98 % of yard management decisions freeing up dispatchers to focus on non-routine tasks and maximizing the productivity of your investments in automated hardware systems.


With proven machine learning applications in peripheral logistics industries (such as maritime and intermodal container terminals), Syncrotess has an off-the-shelf Machine Learning add-on module that can be added at any point. In addition, INFORM’s dedicated data science team is perfectly positioned to combine industry knowledge and data science expertise to help you to generate insights from the data within your organization.

Syncrotess is a future-ready yard management solution with complete support for optimization and automation features out of the box. Add-on support for machine learning further enhances the product‘s ability to respond to unknown future situations.


While not required from day one, the YMS can be equipped with three optimization solutions to further enhance the efficiency and bottom line of your operations, pushing your ROI potential even further.

Dock and Yard Optimizer

The allocation of dock and storing positions within the yard is a crucial operational function of the YMS. This optimizer leverages all known variables of trailers (content, vehicle type, dock properties, etc.) to make the best decision possible when it comes to allocating a docking or storing position. The result is a streamlined yard operation that cuts costs associated with unproductive moves, excess travel, and congestion.

Vehicle Optimizer

In any yard with two or more shunter trucks, the shunter optimizer becomes responsible for work order assignment with the aims of reducing travel distances, decreasing job completion times, and improving the overall efficiency of the shunter operations. Compared to unoptimized yards, yards running INFORM’s shunter optimization realize an increase in efficiency by a factor of up to 40 %.

Dispatching Optimizer

The YMS automatically allocates trailers to suitable outgoing trucks where it has detected a match between an outbound trailer and a suitable truck. Working continuously, it’s always reviewing the plan and looking for opportunities to make dispatching combinations.

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At the core of our solution is the Syncrotess logistics software that is robust and future-ready. With over 25 years under its belt, this proven system is capable of tackling your logistics challenges. 

Sarah Berger

Sarah Berger