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groundstar planning stands & Terminal

INFORM´s GroundStar (GS) Planning Stands & Terminal module supports long-, medium- and short-term planning of aircraft parking positions (stands) as well as terminal resources like passenger gates, check-in counters and baggage belts. 

It considers imported flight schedule, pre-configured allocation rules and a number of pre-defined optimization goals, in conjunction with the airline customer’s allocation preferences. The automated creation of complete or partial resource assignments, including creation of necessary tows/ground movements for aircraft stands’ allocation plans, can combine different optimization strategies and individual capacity constraints prevailing at that point in time via the system’s scenario simulation capability. Upon completion, the optimized allocation plan can be further exported to the allocation software module for referencing resource allocation for flights on the day of operation.

This demo clip provides a glimpse into the capabilities of the module based on a selected use-case. Please fill out the form below or send us an email to access the full recording.

GS Planning Stands & Terminal

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