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groundstar realtime stands & Terminal

INFORM´s GroundStar (GS) RealTime Stands and Terminal efficiently manages the allocation of flights to aircraft parking positions/stands and terminal resources like check-in counters, baggage belts and passenger gates on the day of operation. 

The product offers the visualization tools needed to monitor all events and control the development of operations in real-time. The operator can see relevant updates such as flight or aircraft type changes, cancellations and other useful information based on the operator’s configuration.

As disruptions occur, the system´s built-in optimizer enables solving these issues in compliance with all operational restrictions and regulations, while maximizing efficiency of infrastructure utilization. Moreover, the seamless connectivity of the system and configurable publication settings enable timely notification of all relevant parties on the latest resource allocation decisions of the operator or the optimizer. 

This video provides a glimpse into the capabilities of the module based on a selected use case. Please fill in the form below to access the full recording.

GS RealTime Stands & Terminal

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