Holistic S&OP as a success factor


Integrated sales, procurement, and production planning (also known as sales and operations planning, or S&OP for short) enables companies to harmonize demand and its coverage. In the vision, operational processes are based on strategic decisions. Those responsible see themselves as a cross-departmental team that pursues uniform planning and targets and works together to expand and secure the company's success. This is the theory behind a successful S&OP process.

In practice, however, there is often a lack of synergies between different areas and departments, such as sales, production, and purchasing. However, data and technical possibilities are generally available to overcome successinhibiting factors in sales and operations planning and help companies achieve greater process intelligence and planning quality.

In the info paper, we use five examples to show you why companies should implement intelligent business software to turn their S&OP process into a holistic success factor.


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