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In today's fast-paced digital age, Communication Service Providers (CSP) must tackle various challenges. Fierce competition heightens the risk of customer churn, making constant customer satisfaction monitoring essential. Additionally, meeting the demand for seamless, personalized experiences adds complexity to cost management and network reliability. Simultaneously, the surge in the digital era amplifies the credit risk and fraud concerns.

Boost your telecom risk management strategy with INFORM's holistic solution designed to address the challenges of credit risk and solvency, bad debt, and customer satisfaction in real-time through Hybrid AI technology. Seamlessly blending expert knowledge with data-driven intelligence, this approach empowers telecom service providers a balanced, robust, and proven method to managing credit risk, combating fraud and significantly minimizing customer loss.

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  • Balancing customer acquisition and fraud prevention places high pressure on CSPs
  • Meeting (tech-savvy) customers' expectations while controlling costs is highly demanding
  • Customer churn due to fierce competition poses a significant risk
  • The entire customer journey offers potential risk to CSPs, spanning from unpaid bills to fraud
  • Comprehensive monitoring of customer experience and satisfaction is pivotal to retaining customers

INFORM empowers CSPs to address industry risks intelligently, streamlining risk management across the entire customer lifecycle. It efficiently prevents fraud, enhances decision-making, and aids in collections management, all within a comprehensive "one place to go" risk management platform.

Its modular approach allows CSPs to make intelligent investments and achieve cost savings. Overall, INFORM equips CSPs with the real-time tools necessary to score customer's credit risk, combat fraud, protect against losses, and optimize their risk management processes effectively.

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  • Smart risk management that empowers CSPs to holistically address industry risks and challenges
  • Real-time decisioning to effectively manage risks, prevent bad debt, and fight fraud in one single event
  • Versatile fraud detection to various scenarios with flexibility for adaptable risk requirements
  • Streamlined risk monitoring across the entire lifecycle for higher customer satisfaction
  • Modular approach enabling CSPs to make smart investments and achieve better cost control


More than 250 companies in finance, insurance, and telecommunications protect their customers with the holistic risk & fraud solution portfolio offered by INFORM, including:

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Ana Miranda

Ana Miranda

Business Development Manager | Risk & Fraud

Ana Miranda is a Business Development Manager for Telecommunications in the Risk&Fraud division of INFORM. INFORM's intelligent, cutting-edge RiskShield software empowers telecommunication companies to mitigate the risk of fraud, bad debt, and customer churn by leveraging all data available using real-time Hybrid AI technologies. Having worked for some of the leading telecom operators' risk divisions in Europe, Ana prides herself with an extensive experience in Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Risk Management.