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Smaller Stations, Big Impact: Optimizing Airline Operations

Join INFORM and Alaska Airlines for an exclusive online session unveiling key strategies to enhance airline operations across your network.

Registration is free.

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Smaller stations in an airline's network are vital feeders to major hubs, but they often struggle with limited staff and tight budgets. Managers are forced to handle multiple roles, making effective gate and staff management challenging.

In this online webinar, our aviation experts will share insights into innovative solutions for stand allocation, real-time adjustments, and conflict resolution to smooth airline operations.

Don’t miss out on expert tips for airlines to streamline daily operations without the burden of manually monitoring each station for irregularities.

Additionally, a seasoned representative from Alaska Airlines, Keith Allen, will join to provide first-hand experiences and practical examples of industry challenges.

The session will conclude with a live Q&A, offering attendees the chance to ask questions and gain further clarity on applying these strategies within their airline operations.

why you should join:

  • Learn about new strategies for stand and staff management and immediate conflict mitigation across your airline´s network.
  • See how to streamline staff allocations and responsibilities without the need for constant back-office support.
  • Experience enhanced operational efficiency through advanced, predictive insights into potential disruptions.
  • Understand how to avoid new situations and potential conflicts at individual airline operations using decision intelligence.
  • Learn how frontline managers can gain enhanced operational decision support while working on the apron or in the terminal.
  • Discover potential savings not only in terms of money, but also in working hours, smoother processes, and more efficient communication.

with the experts

Keith Allen

Manager, Product Management – Airport Operations - Alaska Airlines


Bernadette Schaefer

Product Manager - INFORM Aviation


michael reinkober

Product Manager - INFORM Aviation


Joshua Baker

Innovation Specialist - INFORM Aviation


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