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Modern Inventory Managers Optimize with Intelligent Software

Gain Not Only Visibility but also Foresight over Your Inventory Management

Seasonality, shorter product life cycles, constantly changing market trends, and best-before dates are all very important aspects. As an inventory manager, you face numerous challenges. Although you manage to keep track of the complex processes in inventory management, there is often a lack of transparency – the tasks in procurement planning are now too complex.

The ADD*ONE solution suite helps you get a grip on this complexity. The optimization software supports you in resolving the conflicting goals between maximum delivery capability on the one hand and optimum inventories on the other, reducing costs and sustainably increasing your customers' satisfaction.

Your Advantages

  • You increase your item availability and the satisfaction of your customers
  • You receive reliable, item-specific analyses and forecasts
  • You gain transparency at all levels and plan your inventories in a demand-oriented and more sustainable way
  • You save on your procurement costs and increase your sales and profit
  • You reduce your scheduling effort by up to 50%
  • You link requirements determination, scheduling and strategy in one software package

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Inventory Management Explained in Brief

Inventory Management With ADD*ONE

Maximum Delivery Capability, Optimum Inventories, and Complete Transparency

As add-on software, the ADD*ONE solution suite overcomes the classic limitations of your ERP system. The software supports you with AI-supported, powerful forecasts and algorithms to manage, control, and sustainably improve the supply chain in your company. With ADD*ONE, you regain full transparency over your inventories' overall situation and scheduling tasks.

Intuitive Operability and Effective Work Facilitation 

ADD*ONE is intuitive to use. The planning software makes your daily work much easier by suggesting directly and conveniently which articles you should order when and in which quantity from which supplier. In doing so, ADD*ONE automatically takes into account all framework parameters from minimum order quantities to discount structures, ordering costs, packaging units to the desired service level, and much more.

More Planning Reliability 

"Unwelcome surprises" are avoided by using ADD*ONE, as the software reliably alerts you to exceptions and problem cases so that you can always intervene and take countermeasures in good time.

Success Stories

The inventory manager fulfills the role of an all-rounder who has to consider all eventualities in operations and logistics – ADD*ONE is the basis on which this process becomes possible.
Stefan Richlick, Division Manager Operational Purchasing at NORDWEST


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Our mission in the Inventory & Supply Chain division

We empower you.

"We empower you." is Our Mission

As a provider of holistic solutions, we draw on over 50 years of practical knowledge from numerous software projects. The cooperative partnership and intensive exchange with our customers have always been invaluable to us. "We empower you." is therefore not just a slogan for us in the Inventory & Supply Chain business unit, but our mission to inspire you in your daily work. Thus, from the very beginning, we provide you with the right tools and strategies to successfully master your individual challenges in supply chain management. Our many years of experience enable us to work with you to develop solutions that give you and your entire team peace of mind and take the pressure off you, even in economically turbulent times.

Christoph Wiericks

Christoph Wiericks

Expert for Supply Chain Optimization

Christoph Wiericks focuses on process analysis and project planning in the internal supply chain with a focus on inventory optimization. He has been working in the Inventory and Supply Chain division of INFORM GmbH since 2016.


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