Sales Planning

Successful Sales Planners Rely on Software Instead of Their Gut Feeling

Put an End to Data Chaos and Place Your Trust in Reliable Forecasts

Many companies fail in their sales planning due to complex structures, large amounts of data, and a lack of teamwork. The globalization of markets, growing product diversity, and shorter life cycles make daily business even more difficult.

The ADD*ONE solution suite networks your departments and provides you with well-founded forecasts and planning-relevant key figures. By using ADD*ONE, you only produce the products that your sales department can actually sell, plan your production in such a way that your purchasing department can procure the required raw materials on time, and sell the products that are actually profitable for your company.

Your Advantages

  • You reduce your planning effort by up to 90%
  • You create transparency in sales planning for your entire company
  • You maximize your availability with low inventories
  • You reduce your storage costs
  • You gain more planning reliability
  • You connect the individual departments with the necessary information

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Sales Planning Briefly Explained

Sales Planning
with ADD*ONE

More Team Spirit, Greater Flexibility, and Ease of Use

Our optimization software ADD*ONE forms the basis for more team spirit in your company, helps to achieve more flexibility, and creates the necessary transparency for successful sales planning. Paperwork, data chaos, and departmental silos are a thing of the past with ADD*ONE.

Optimized Collaboration and Accurate Decisions

ADD*ONE networks your various teams from purchasing, sales, production, and other specialist departments. The solution suite creates a common data and information basis and enables you and your employees to make the right decisions for your sales planning based on well-founded forecasts and relevant key figures. By facilitating collaboration and improving coordination, you will succeed in sustainably increasing not only your turnover but also the satisfaction of your employees.

Objective Sales Forecasts and More Reliable Planning

ADD*ONE is a sales forecasting software that enables you to create reliable and objective sales forecasts using field-tested optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence. To do this, ADD*ONE allows you to easily access information about your company, competitors, and consumers. In this way, you create a reliable basis for planning further processes in your company.

Success Stories

The replenishment time is cut in half. Whereas it used to take 3 weeks, today the goods are on site after about 10 days. As a result, we achieve better remaining shelf life and are on the market faster.
Lukas Fischer, former Head Integrated Business Planning at Emmi


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Our mission in the Inventory & Supply Chain division

We empower you.

"We empower you." is Our Mission

As a provider of holistic solutions, we draw on over 50 years of practical knowledge from numerous software projects. The cooperative partnership and intensive exchange with our customers have always been invaluable to us. "We empower you." is therefore not just a slogan for us in the Inventory & Supply Chain business unit, but our mission to inspire you in your daily work. Thus, from the very beginning, we provide you with the right tools and strategies to successfully master your individual challenges in supply chain management. Our many years of experience enable us to work with you to develop solutions that give you and your entire team peace of mind and take the pressure off you, even in economically turbulent times.

Gabi Auerbach

Gabi Auerbach

Expert for Supply Chain Optimization

Gabi Auerbach has been working for INFORM GmbH since 2000 and is mainly involved in the topic of integrated supply chain planning.


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