INFORM Participates in a Fireside Chat at Aviation Festival Americas

Apr 25, 2023

INFORM will be presenting its Turnaround Management Solution at booth #410. This solution delivers high visibility to hub and turnaround processes, from passenger connections and clearance activities to baggage and crew transfers. Find out more in this article.


fireside chat

INFORM will be exhibiting at the Aviation Festival Americas being held in Miami, Florida, USA.
From May 16-17, INFORM´s aviation experts will present its GroundStar Hub & Turnaround Management optimization software solution. Attendees are invited to drop by booth #410 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Onsite from the INFORM Aviation Team will be Loren Mathis, Chief Strategy Officer; Vince Corbisiero, Business Development Manager; Vanessa Peschen, Data Solutions Manager; and Bernadette Schaefer, Product Manager. Loren Mathis will be participating in a fireside chat titled, “Effective Turn Management: The Transition from Task to Team.” The session will take place on Wednesday, 17 May
at 11:30 AM (EDT). Mathis will be joined by Delta Air Lines’ Director of Tower Operations Paula Lewandowski.

According to Loren Mathis, “The process of turning an aircraft has historically been somewhat chaotic and viewed by each stakeholder through the lens of only their responsibility. The success of a turn requires that it be viewed as a choreographed dance where each stakeholder has specific goals, timelines and responsibilities and has insight into how others involved in the turn perform, access and utilize real-time data.”

He added, “The aviation industry needs to transition away from delay code reporting and advance toward considering secondary metrics for each turn stakeholder which is critical to the effective turn management. Frontline leaders and supervisors need real-time, context-specific data on the turn status to intervene promptly, when necessary.”

INFORM’s GroundStar Hub & Turnaround Management software solves hub and turnaround problems via its cost-based decision-making support technology which takes into account factors like delays, rebookings and crew costs. Real-time monitoring enables immediate identification of bottlenecks and other irregularities at the earliest. Notification of disruptions are sent via mobile devices enabling staff to make more accurate, timely, and data-driven decisions. Aviation entities benefit from a solution that minimizes the impact of disruptions, improves processes, and reduces delays and related costs.

To learn more, please visit INFORM´s booth #410. If you cannot make it, feel free to contact us at for more info.