INFORM to Provide Planning & Resource Management Solutions to AAS

Jun 6, 2023

Airline Assistance Switzerland AG (AAS) has contracted with INFORM to provide its planning and resource management solutions in the areas of Passenger and Ramp Services. The five-year contract was signed at the recent International Ground Handling Conference held in Abu Dhabi. Six airport stations will be involved in the initial solutions implementation with an option for a further rollout.


INFORM to Provide Planning & Resource Management Solutions to AAS

INFORM leverages AI-driven digital decision support capabilities to empower aviation businesses in their response to the industry’s complex, highly dynamic operations environment. The company will now be providing its support to Airline Assistance Switzerland AG (AAS), a young, dynamic, and customer-focused aviation ground service provider based in Zurich, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria. Specifically, INFORM will be providing solutions from its GroundStar (GS) suite including GS Planning Staff & Equipment, GS WorkforcePlus, GS RealTime Staff & Equipment, and GS RealTime StaffCommunication in the Passenger and Ramp Services areas of six of AAS’ airport stations. These will be hosted solutions with INFORM’s partner Claranet, a provider of network, hosting, and managed application services.

Uschi Schulte-Sasse, INFORM’s Senior Vice President Aviation, stated, “I am delighted to announce that Airline Assistance Switzerland (AAS) and INFORM have signed an agreement to support AAS in meeting the challenges in planning and efficiently managing their resources. We are very much looking forward to a prolific partnership and are happy that AAS is taking the next step with INFORM.“ AAS’ CEO Dieter R. Steuli along with Schulte-Sasse signed the agreement for the solutions implementation which is already in progress.


Each of INFORM’s GS solutions plays an integral role in supporting optimized business processes and resource allocation, as well as informed decision-making. For example, GS Planning Staff & Equipment supports the strategic, tactical, and operational planning of staff and ground support equipment leveraging powerful optimization algorithms to streamline resource demand calculations and generate optimal shift coverage plans to facilitate optimum resource management, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. GS WorkforcePlus applies digital intelligence to support the automatic planning of rosters with highly flexible shift times so planners can accurately manage fluctuations in staffing requirements. Additionally, with the StaffComm mobility solution at work, the employees are able to immediately react and communicate via user interfaces on their mobile devices. By notifying and reporting important status updates like confirmation of beginning or end of tasks, staff efficiency is significantly enhanced. Also, operational disruptions are recorded, and time stamps are tracked for SLA reporting.

GS RealTime Staff & Equipment leverages Hybrid AI, operations research, and advanced optimization to ensure successful day-of-execution even in the face of major challenges and disruptions. Individually and collectively, the INFORM solutions deliver valuable benefits in terms of enhanced operations, better planning and forecasting of resource needs, lower operating costs, and improved disruption management.


Airline Assistance Switzerland (AAS) is a young, dynamic and customer-focused aviation ground service provider based in Zürich, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria. We provide a full range of landside and airside services from Passenger Services to Station & Load Control, Ramp and Bagagge Sorting Services. AAS provides a full range of landside and airside services from Passenger Services to Station & Load Control, Ramp and Bagagge Sorting Services. Its added value lies both in the quality of the services it provides, as well as its flexibility to adapt to customer needs. Because AAS works with a streamlined management structure, it is able to provide flexible and personalized services for its customers that larger aviation ground service providers cannot. At the same time, AAS has decades of industry experience in the field through excellent partners and connections.