INFORM announces leadership transition as co-CEO Matthias Berlit departs

Aug 31, 2023

INFORM GmbH, a global pioneer in AI-driven optimization software, today announced the departure of Matthias Berlit from his role as co-CEO, effective August 31, 2023. After more than two decades of dedicated service to the company, Berlit is stepping down voluntarily to dedicate himself to new projects, goals, and challenges. His responsibilities will be assumed by the remaining co-CEOs, Dr. Andreas Meyer, Peter Frerichs, and Dr. Jörg Herbers.

Matthias Berlit joined INFORM GmbH in 2001 and has served as co-CEO since 2021. The former manager has been a driving force behind the company's ongoing transformation towards increasingly cloud-based solutions. Berlit took consistent steps to initiate this process of modernization and presented a future-oriented vision of a comprehensive INFORM cloud platform. He also played a key role in setting the company-wide work on this vision in motion.

In addition, Berlit has launched an innovation program to initiate new developments in the company. Prior to his executive role, he led the Manufacturing Logistics division from 2010, transforming it into one of the company's most fastest-growing sectors.

Matthias Berlit has chosen to leave INFORM, citing a desire to seek new challenges and opportunities. "My journey with INFORM has been nothing short of incredible. We've achieved so much together, but now it's time for me to explore new avenues and challenges," Berlit elaborated.


Future direction of management

The responsibilities of the departing co-CEO will be absorbed by the remaining leadership team. "Matthias has been an invaluable asset to INFORM, not just as a colleague but as a visionary and a friend. His departure is bittersweet, but we are committed to continuing the work we started together," said Dr. Andreas Meyer.

INFORM has a clear roadmap for the future, which includes a continued focus on artificial intelligence, sustainability, innovation, and internationalization, especially in the Americas, Australia, and Southeastern Asia. In the last few years alone, new INFORM Group companies have been founded in Chile, Brazil, Portugal and Singapore. Likewise, efforts to develop cloud-based applications that are easy to implement will continue to be prioritized.