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Dr. Schneider Unterneh­mes­gruppe rethinks delivery processes

The Dr. Schneider Group, headquartered in Kronach-Neuses produces high-quality components for vehicle interiors.

The increasing number of individual vehicle configuration options and the just-in-time principle of supplying OEMs with components only at the time and in the quantities required for production place enormous demands on the logistics of automotive suppliers.

Dr. Schneider had to redesign the delivery processes in order to equalise the growing delivery traffic of up to 100 trucks daily, to coordinate the deliveries for their own production as well as the deliveries for the car manufacturers with pinpoint accuracy.

the challenge

"On some days, there have been truck traffic jams reaching from the plant to the nearby federal highway. That's why we optimized the truck supply control by using INFORM’s algorithms."

christopher holzmann, project manager factory logistics

The junctions of two supply chains meet at Dr Schneider's yard: On the one hand, they themselves require material for the production of automotive parts, but at the same time they are part of the supplier network that supplies automotive manufacturers with components for the final assembly of vehicles. The resulting complexity of the flow of goods and the large number of trucks to be handled pose major challenges, particularly for medium-sized companies: They have to organize delivery processes for their own production and provide the automobile manufacturers a.k.a. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with exact components they require. This is hardly achievable without the use of intelligent optimization solutions.

The ever more complex and closely timed logistics processes could hardly be managed with conventional means. The SYNCROSUPPLY yard management system has been implemented to even out delivery traffic as it enters the yard, to seamlessly control and document movements around the yard, and to be flexible in dealing with unforeseen events.

  • Reduction of throughput times with considerable reduction of downtimes
  • Seamless control and documentation of truck dispatch
  • Complete resolution of congestion before and at the plant

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