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Infraserv logistics manages the inflow of 700 trucks per day with Syncrosupply

Infraserv Logistics GmbH is managing logistics at the Höchst industrial park in Frankfurt’s West End. With 120 production plants and over 800 laboratories and office buildings, the park is one of Europe’s largest production and research locations for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

One of the greatest challenges facing the industrial park is managing the logistics for the numerous companies based at the location. A central element of the industrial park’s logistics is the SYNCROSUPPLY yard management system, which manages some 700 trucks and tankers arrive daily at the South Gate of the industrial park and controls their loading or unloading processes until they leave the premises.

Future-proof logistics processes

"This software has the best price/performance ratio and, more im­portantly, was the best match for our logistics structures and re­quire­ments. SYNCROSUPPLY also facilitates the further development of logistical processes on the industrial park - through higher transpa­rency and new insights into the processes, and by providing valid  performance figures and analyses."

Klaus Holzbach, responsible for IT at Infraserv Logistics

Today, the Höchst industrial park is home to 90 mainly global companies engaged in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, basic and specialty chemicals, crop protection, food additives and services, which together employ around 22,000 people. The site is operated by Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG.

Infraserv Logistics, one of the largest specialized chemical logistics service providers in Germany, is responsible at the Höchst industrial park for the gate processes of all incoming and outgoing heavy goods vehicles and handles the logistics flows for most companies on the site. 

Central truck inflow control 
Truck inflow control is complicated, even for a “normal” chemical plant: Various forms of (hazardous goods) transport involving multichamber vehicles, trucks with trailers, container traffic, decoupled traffic or intermodal traffic must all be handled. Multi-stage processes with hazardous goods inspections, laboratory tests, weighing operations, special loading and unloading equipment that must be operated by employees trained for the purpose must be managed in such a way that the throughput times for the trucks and tankers is minimized. In addition, these processes have to be adapted to the needs of all the different customers. There are, for example, four goods inwards and seven goods outwards procedures with a number of traffic-specific variants that have to be reliably and swiftly completed.

Modularity and intelligent decision automation 
SYNCROSUPLY manages the truck arrivals and departures evenly throughout the day using intelligent decision-making processes, while also meeting the logistical requirements of the customers.

Self-service check-ins facilitate handling, and the integration of mobile end devices make it easier to control the trucks through the process. An optimized time slot management permits more precise truck control inflow. Since on arrival day, the trucks are unable to arrive as announced for various reasons, the algorithms must guarantee that the resources can be re-allocated to the actual circumstances and requirements in real time.

  • Uniform distribution of truck arrivals and clearances over the day
  • Real-time reallocation of resources according to demand
  • Consideration of the logistic requirements of the individual customers of the chemical park
  • Provision of valid key figures and evaluations

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