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meyer werft:
wind in the sails of intralogistics

The shipbuilding company MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, Germany, builds large cruise ships and has been using on the intelligent transport control system SYNCROTESS for its intralogistics since 2004.

A new intralogistics challenges arose with the construction of a modern logistics centre for production supply. With an upgrade of INFORM's SYNCROTESS transport control system and restructured transport processes based on intelligent algorithms, all parts required to build large cruise ships are now planned in advance and delivered just-in-time to the right production location.

requirements fullfilled

"SYNCROTESS not only allows us to optimally map the complex structures of our intralogistics but also provides us with optimized transport orders so that we can supply shipbuilding just-in-time and thereby uphold our agreed delivery dates."

christian meyer, head of intralogistics, meyer werft

Every day, shipbuilding requires about 1,500 internal material transports. These are handled by 175 employees in the intralogistics department. Material requirements from production are transmitted to SYNCROTESS via the ERP system SAP EWM. SYNCROTESS determines a supply run based on various system parameters and reports the departure time to SAP EWM.

Swap trailers and semitrailers are used to deliver construction materials ranging from large components to small parts just-in-time from the modern logistics center to the ship or directly to the shipbuilding site. From there, the material is either taken to the production area or, with the help of cranes, directly onto the ship through so-called openings.

Only items that are really needed on the construction site should be present. On the one hand, because the ships’ passageways and cabins are narrow, and on the other because the material could be damaged during long layovers and it increases the ship’s fire load. For this reason, intralogistics delivers the required parts in small but precise working packages on a short-cycle basis.

In operational transport, truck and forklift drivers, as well as employees on the ship, receive all of their relevant information about the transports and goods via the SYNCROTESS app. The logging of the transport with a photo of the goods at their final staging location, simply upload it to the app and link it to the corresponding order. This not only creates maximum transparency and traceability but also helps the production department to quickly find the material in the winding passageways on the ship.


Production is supplied just-in-time with the right materials. At the same time, transport optimisation ensures even resource utilisation, high transparency and avoids empty runs.

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