Success story

yard management guarantees efficient handling on delivery day

MIELE, the world's leading supplier of kitchen and commercial appliances, uses the SYNCROSUPPLY time slot and yard management software to organise delivery traffic at its sites in Gütersloh, Bielefeld and Unicov.

Up to 100 trucks deliver manufacturing material daily for production in each of the plants with up to 20 loading ramps. The complete transparency of delivery dates as well as the optimised truck handling on the delivery day prevent delivery peaks and guarantee the timely provision of corresponding resources for truck unloading.

Smooth process

"SYNCROSUPPLY helps us to organize the entire material supply process in a way that enables us to handle the trucks with short waiting and throughput times, and without traffic jams in front of or on the plant."

Ondřej Pospíšil, Process specialist for external logistics, Miele AG

The main objective in introducing SYNCROSUPPLY was to organise the entire material supply process in such a way that trucks can be dispatched at any time and in any situation, with short waiting and turnaround times and without congestion in front of or inside the plant.

Process optimisation begins with the planning of deliveries. Delivery dates are planned transparently for all parties using the time-slot-management module. In this way, information is available about which truck delivers what material in which time period and employees and forklifts can be made available for unloading in good time. In addition, the second module - Yard Management - optimises of truck handling on the delivery day in order to react appropriately to unplanned events within the shortest possible time. In this case, the software calculates a new plan for dispatching the trucks within seconds.

Since the introduction of SYNCROSUPPLY, the employees' stress has been reduced by eliminating manual processing. Furthermore, delivery peaks have been smoothed out, long downtimes have been reduced and all processes along the supply chain from the forwarder to the factory have become more transparent.


  • Complete and continuous overview of the entire supply chain
  • Interlocking of external and internal logistics processes
  • Faster truck processing
  • Faster processing and reliable balance of load peaks

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