Einkaufsverbund NORDWEST optimizes inventory management by using intelligent algorithms in the ADD*ONE solution suite. The results are improved on-time delivery, a balance between delivery capability and inventory levels, and an upgrade in scheduling activities.

Thanks to the forecasts of ADD*ONE, the order triggering is more foresighted. This has reduced the delivery frequency of frequently sold items, and the disposition of these stocks now takes place in larger quantities.
Robert Stoschek, Division Manager Warehouse Management at NORDWEST

With such a large and heterogeneous range of articles, it is a particular challenge for NORDWEST Handel AG to maintain the balance between availability of goods and profitability. This is made even more difficult by the growing sales volume of existing articles and the constant expansion of new product ranges: In recent years, NORDWEST has been able to significantly increase its share of sales. The challenge here is to improve the delivery rate while keeping the increase in inventory within limits. Ordering the right articles at the right time and, furthermore, the goal of improving delivery reliability to the customer became a mammoth task at this point without suitable software.

At this point, it was clear to NORDWEST that an ERP system alone was insufficient to counter the inventory's growth with a sensible disposition strategy. There was a desire to make the structure and organization more transparent and to be able to fall back on reliable forecasting procedures. Inventory managers were to be relieved in their daily work. At the same time, the supplementary software was to achieve the goal of an increased delivery rate. 

The introduction of the ADD*ONE solution suite for the inventory management application area opened up numerous new possibilities for the company, from automation to forecasting and analysis.


  • Balance between availability of goods and economic efficiency
  • Improve delivery ratio while keeping the increase in inventory in check
  • Ordering the right items at the right time
  • Improve delivery reliability to the customer


  • Improvement of the adherence to delivery dates
  • Balance between delivery capability and inventories
  • Upgrading the disposition activity
Christoph Wiericks

Christoph Wiericks

Expert for Supply Chain Optimization

Christoph Wiericks focuses on process analysis and project planning in the internal supply chain with a focus on inventory optimization. He has been working in the Inventory and Supply Chain division of INFORM GmbH since 2016.


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